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wordcloud2.js - Tag cloud/Wordle presentation on 2D canvas or HTML

  •    Javascript

Create a tag cloud/Wordle presentation on 2D canvas or HTML. This library is a spin-off project from HTML5 Word Cloud.

kumo - Kumo - Java Word Cloud

  •    Java

Kumo's goal is to create a powerful and user friendly Word Cloud API in Java. Kumo directly generates an image file without the need to create an applet (as many other libraries do).

d3-wordcloud - Plug-and-play wordcloud with D3

  •    Javascript

There is an amazing D3 wordcloud plugin for creating beautiful wordclouds. But it's not trivial for everyone to put it to use. This plugin makes it easy to create such a wordcloud.

d3wordcloud - :cloud: htmlwidgets for D3js Word Cloud Layout

  •    R

d3wordcloud is a wrapper for the Word Cloud Layout by Jason Davies based on htmlwidgets. The main function d3wordcloud needs only words and freqs. Just like the old good wordcloud package. See demo here.

twitterreport - Out-of-the-box analysis and reporting tools for twitter

  •    R

Some of the functions here were firstly developed in the project nodoschile.cl (no longer running). You can visit the project's testimonial website http://nodos.modularity.cl and the website (part of nodoschile) that motivated twitterreports at http://modularity.cl/presidenciales. While the package is still in development, you can always use devtools to install the most recent version.

textplot - Plotting for text data

  •    R

textplot is a suite of text plotting tools that enable the user to analyze text data via serveral common text plotting methods. Methods include lexical dispersion plots, word trees, speech networks, co-occurrence networks, speech Gantt charts, text hilighting, and word clouds.

wordcloud - golang wordcloud

  •    Go

golang wordcloud

clj-wordcloud - A simple clojure wrapper around kumo to build wordclouds

  •    Clojure

Given a map of element and the frequency the following image is generated. More examples/examples.clj. Contributions are welcome. Please refer to CONTRIBUTING.md.

react-wordcloud-demo - React component for demonstration purposes

  •    Javascript

NOTE: This component is not published. It is just for demonstration purposes. Be sure to use the latest version of node.js and npm. Note: Currently the component is not published via npm.

wordclouds - Wordclouds in go

  •    Go

Wordclouds in go. A list of bounding boxes where the algorithm can not place words can be provided.

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