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opentype - An OpenType, TrueType, WOFF, and WOFF2 parser in JavaScript

This is a pure JavaScript parser for OpenType font files. It supports fonts with CFF and TrueType outlines, and can read fonts wrapped as WOFF and WOFF2. This roughly corresponds to all the metadata available in most fonts. I'm hoping to add support for glyf, CFF, and related tables time permitting.

fontpath - Font to vector path tools

A tool which generates paths and kerning data from a TTF/OTF/WOFF/etc font. The paths can then be decomposed into points, or rendered to a canvas, or triangulated.The default size is 12 pt, but exporting with a higher font size will give you better resolution when rendering the path at large sizes. It's best to match the exported size to the final rendered size, as it will produce better rounding when scaled down.

text-modules - :pencil2: a list of text/font modules

A collection of modules for processing, manipulating, and rendering text and fonts in Node and the browser. Please open an issue or submit a PR for suggestions/improvements.Parses BMFont file formats to a standardized JSON.

Fonts - Font loading and drawing library.

SixLabors.Fonts is a new cross-platform font loadings and drawing library.At present the code is pre-release we have initial pre-releases availible on nuget.

gulp-ttf2woff - Create a WOFF font from a TTF font with Gulp

Create a WOFF font from a TTF one with Gulp. Set to true to also convert files that doesn't have the .ttf extension.

qlwoff - QuickLook plugin to preview Web Open Font Format files (woff)

This is a QuickLook plugin for OS X 10.9 to display woff files (Web Open Font Format). qlwoff is released under the Simplified BSD license, see LICENSE.