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WiX Toolset


The Windows Installer XML (WiX) is a toolset that builds Windows installation packages from XML source code. The toolset supports a command line environment that developers may integrate into their build processes to build MSI and MSM setup packages.

WixWPF Bootstrapper


A derivation of the managed bootstrapper from the Wix Toolset that helps you create completely custom managed bootstrapper UI with less effort.

Mediawiki tools for Office


The current version installs an Outlook 2007 plugin. This plugin adds a send to wiki command to the outlook context menu. The functionality is very similar to the behavior of the One Note plugin which is installed in office 2007.

Windows Installer XML (WiX) eBook


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  •    CSharp

Industrial Strength Windows Installer XML ( IsWiX ) is a Windows Installer XML (WiX) document editor.



A standalone hack of Updater Application Block, that's able to download and install an updated copy of application using Windows Installer. It reads update version information from a given RSS feed. Uses some code from WiX ClickThrough component.

WIXML - Do you package large...?


The combination of Windows Installer XML (WiX) and MSBuild has lead to a successful venture into automated package creation. The goal of the project was to use as many toolsets that are already available to the community in order to create robust Windows Installer packages ins...

Web Application Installer

  •    ASPNET

This project will enable you to build a Windows Installer package (msi) for your Web Application (ASP.net / PHP / Perl / MS SQL / MYSQL) within 30 minutes - only by utilizing open source software. featured technologies & tools: WIX MSI Installer WixEdit PHP ASP.net Tigerduck

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WiX Extended Bootstrapper Application


An extended WiX bootstrapper Application based on the WiX standard bootstrapper application.

OMS.Water - Bootstrapper

  •    DotNet

Water is a prerequisite bootstrapper and installer chainer based on WiX Burn. With Water you can easily create sophisticated WPF bootstrapper applications with modern UI.

dotNetInstaller: setup bootstrapper for Windows (MOVED TO GITHUB)


Setup bootstrapper for Windows. You can use dotNetInstaller to create a setup bootstrapper to install the correct prerequisites software components for your application setup.



The WiX-contrib project provides extensions for the WiX toolset that are at various levels of completion. Feel free to contribute your experimental to production quality extensions here.



GUI4Wix enables newbies or those in a hurry to create a MSI installer for there App or anything. It currently supports very primitive kind of installers but other features will be soon available..

RESX Manager


RESX Manager makes it easier for Visual Studio developers to consolidate, synchronize and translate resource files of Visual Studio Solutions and Visual Studio Projects (*.resx, *.wxl). It supports export and import of all resource texts to a single Excel file without requirei...

AppSecInc. Community MSI Extensions (MOVED TO GITHUB)


AppSecInc. Community MSI Extensions is a collection of MSI custom actions and WIX extensions that extend Windows installer, originally developped by Application Security Inc. and open-sourced in late 2009.

go-msi - Easy way to generate msi package for a Go project

  •    Go

Package go-msi helps to generate msi package for a Go project. wix.json file describe the desired packaging rules between your sources and the resulting msi file.

PowerShellWixExtension - Wix Extension for running PowerShell

  •    CSharp

You can customise when a set of scripts are run by adding your own element inside your element. eg.

msi-packager - Build MSI (Windows Installer) packages on Mac and Linux

  •    Javascript

Build MSI (Windows Installer) packages on Mac and Linux. The installer has no wizard. Users just run the installer and your app will be installed and shortcuts created.