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kickthemout - 💤 Kick devices off your network by performing an ARP Spoof attack.

  •    Python

A tool to kick devices out of your network and enjoy all the bandwidth for yourself. It allows you to select specific or all devices and ARP spoofs them off your local area network. Compatible with Python 3+ 🎉.

bettercap - The Swiss Army knife for 802

  •    Go

bettercap is the Swiss Army knife for 802.11, BLE and Ethernet networks reconnaissance and attacks. A precompiled version is available for each release, alternatively you can use the latest version of the source code from this repository in order to build your own binary.

mitmAP - 📡 A python program to create a fake AP and sniff data.

  •    Python

I'm not responsible for anything you do with this program, so please only use it for good and educational purposes.

Hijacker - Aircrack, Airodump, Aireplay, MDK3 and Reaver GUI Application for Android

  •    Java

Hijacker is a Graphical User Interface for the penetration testing tools Aircrack-ng, Airodump-ng, MDK3 and Reaver. It offers a simple and easy UI to use these tools without typing commands in a console and copy&pasting MAC addresses. This application requires an ARM android device with an internal wireless adapter that supports Monitor Mode. A few android devices do, but none of them natively. This means that you will need a custom firmware. Any device that uses the BCM4339 chipset (MSM8974, such as Nexus 5, Xperia Z1/Z2, LG G2, LG G Flex, Samsung Galaxy Note 3) will work with Nexmon (which also supports some other chipsets). Devices that use BCM4330 can use bcmon.

urh - Universal Radio Hacker: Investigate Wireless Protocols Like A Boss

  •    Python

The Universal Radio Hacker (URH) is a complete suite for wireless protocol investigation with native support for many common Software Defined Radios. URH allows easy demodulation of signals combined with an automatic detection of modulation parameters making it a breeze to identify the bits and bytes that fly over the air. As data often gets encoded before transmission, URH offers customizable decodings to crack even sophisticated encodings like CC1101 data whitening. When it comes to protocol reverse-engineering, URH is helpful in two ways. You can either manually assign protocol fields and message types or let URH automatically infer protocol fields with a rule-based intelligence. Finally, URH entails a fuzzing component aimed at stateless protocols and a simulation environment for stateful attacks. We encourage researchers working with URH to cite this WOOT'18 paper or directly use the following BibTeX entry.

Gnuradio - Radio Ecosystem

  •    C++

GNU Radio is a free & open-source software development toolkit that provides signal processing blocks to implement software radios. It can be used with readily-available low-cost external RF hardware to create software-defined radios, or without hardware in a simulation-like environment. It is widely used in hobbyist, academic and commercial environments to support both wireless communications research and real-world radio systems.

bettercap-ng - bettercap-ng is a complete reimplementation of bettercap, the Swiss army knife for network attacks and monitoring

  •    Go

bettercap-ng is a complete reimplementation of bettercap, the Swiss army knife for network attacks and monitoring. It is faster, stabler, smaller, easier to install and to use. In this repository, BetterCAP is containerized using Alpine Linux - a security-oriented, lightweight Linux distribution based on musl libc and busybox. The resulting Docker image is relatively small and easy to manage the dependencies.

Managed Wifi API


.NET managed wrapper around the Windows Native Wifi API.

accesspoint - Manage wireless access points in Android

  •    Java

Manage wireless access points on Android 2.2 or later.Remember to ask for WRITE_SETTINGS on 6.0+! The example app has a sample implementation of that. The library will not do this for you, as it involves UI interaction that should be handled and customizable by your app.

wit - command-line wifi manager for linux

  •    Javascript

This tool is a tiny wrapper around the iw and wpa_supplicant commands to make wireless networking from the command line simple and pleasant.The main thing you will need to do is turn off whatever horrible default networking stack is already running.

node-nrf - Pure-JavaScript nRF24L01 driver library

  •    Javascript

nRF24L01+ driver library for node.js on platforms like the Raspberry Pi and others. Making this inexpensive radio chip easy to use from node.js helps bridge the wider Internet with small/cheap "things" — other embedded devices like Arduino, Teensy, good ol'fashioned AVR chips, … — where the costs of WiFi/Bluetooth/Zigbee radios can quickly add up! This fulfills a critical dependency of my Microstates idea, for just one example.

node-rf24 - Control nRF24L01+ wireless radio communications from a server with SPI/GPIO ports

  •    C++

Talk with your Arduino or other µC-driven remotely from node.js, via an nRF24L01+ wireless radio transceiver connected to a Raspberry Pi/BeagleBone/etc. Simply npm install rf24 and require('rf24') in your code to use the API.

wifiscanner - A simple Node.js WiFi Scanner.

  •    TypeScript

A simple Node.js WiFi Scanner for Mac and Linux. Works great on embedded devices like the Raspberry Pi. You can specify binary (binaryPath) and arguments (args) in a set of options.

ansible-openwisp2-imagegenerator - Automatically build several openwisp2 firmware images for different organizations while keeping track of their differences

  •    Shell

This ansible role allows to build several openwisp2 firmware images for different organizations while keeping track of their configurations. NOTE: this role has not been tested in the wild yet. If you intend to use it, try it out and if something goes wrong please proceed to report your issue, but bear in mind you need to be willing to understand the build process and it's inner working in order to make it work for you.

django-netjsonconfig - Configuration manager for embedded devices, implemented as a reusable django-app

  •    Javascript

Configuration manager for embedded devices, implemented as a reusable django-app. Based on the NetJSON format and the netjsonconfig library.

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