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ui-leaflet-ng2 - Angular 2 component for Leaflet 1.x (WIP - Help Wanted)

  •    TypeScript

Angular 2 directive for the Leaflet Javascript Library. This software aims to easily embed maps managed by Leaflet on your project.Please note the master branch is currently in a "in-progress state" and is not suitable for production use at this point.

haxejs - Documentation about using javascript with Haxe

  •    Javascript

There used to be a website (an old one, from when Haxe spelled "haXe") that got you started. But that is no more. I decided to get some of that back. Based upon the information from the old site and my own need to document this.

haxenode - Documentation about using Node with Haxe

  •    Haxe

I wanted to do a quick prototype with Node.js and my favorite programming language Haxe. But I couldn't find any documentation on how to start. There used to be a website (an old one, from when Haxe spelled "haXe") that got you started.

wipfred - 🚧Manage your wip.chat todos with alfred

  •    Javascript

In order to work properly you need to set your wip.chat private API key. You can either type in wip and press Enter to see a list of available commands and select from one of them. Or you can use the command directly. However if you enter for exampel wip done you will be inside the done workflow. You have to press ESC to get out of it.

xephon-k - A time series database prototype with multiple backends

  •    Go

Xephon-K is a time series database with multiple backends. It's a playground for comparing modern TSDB design and implementation with benchmarks. It is not for production use, but it can show you the internal and trade-off of many TSDBs. A detailed (but not well organized) survey can be found in doc/survey.

duseful - Useful examples of D programming languange

  •    D

Сборник постоянно дополняется. Свою идею ты можешь разместить здесь либо реализовать её и сделать pull request в этот репозитарий. Обязательно создай issue если что-то из уже написанного непонятно или есть ошибка.

tix - [WIP] A type system for nix

  •    OCaml

There is currently not much, hardly a parser for a small subset of the language.

AminoREAPI - 📱 An unofficial (and reversed enginnered!) client library for http://aminoapps.com/

  •    Kotlin

This will create an AminoClient, allowing you to interact with the Amino Network. After initializing the client, use client.login to get your account SID.

mikan - MAL AKA MyanimeList Json Rest API

  •    API

Get a full MyAnimeList information on any kind of anime and manga (WIP) using their respective MAL ID. Made for our new soon-to-be-released app Setsuna and for future projects. JSON Rest Endpoints.

spree-klarna - Klarna Checkout based on Klarna API 2.0 for Spree Commerce

  •    Ruby

Contact Klarna to learn more about their integrated services and what it takes to get them up and running. In the spirit of free software, everyone is encouraged to help improve this project.

wip - WIP & naenae: CLI utilities to easily manage Work In Progress with Git

  •    Javascript

wip and naenae are command line utilities to better manage your WIP (Work In Progress) with Git. wip saves your progress by committing the current state of your Git repo with a commit message of "WIP" (a common convention). naenae squashes all your "WIP" commits together and lets you give the commit a better title. By periodically saving your progress, you're free to write, rewrite, and ship faster.

chat-ui - 💬 rich message handling chat interface for bot projects

  •    Javascript

Just change the custom property values on the <chat-ui> node. For a list of what you can change, find it here. Or, don't use custom properties, and update the NextCSS config to compile the variables, then you can do it a more SCSSy way, and support more browsers. This is the primary component that you should be dealing with. It has the easy API, for quick access to the most common tasks in a chat widget. You shouldn't need the API's for the other components, but you can leverage them if you want to.

cylon-deb - TUI menu driven bash shell script to maintain a Debian based Linux distro.

  •    Shell

Title : cylon-deb , Debian based Linux distribution maintenance program. Description: A TUI (terminal user interface) which allows users to carry out maintenance on an Debian based linux distributions. The program is menu-based and written in bash. The program is a fork and highly truncated version of the arch-linux maintenance program cylon, which can also be found in this repo. This program provides a Terminal based alternative to GUI software managers found in many distros.

fast - Minimal zero-dependency utility for testing your internet download speed from terminal

  •    Go

Minimal zero-dependency utility for testing your internet download speed from terminal

flow-typed-wip - A central repository for Flow-Typed WIP library definitions

  •    Javascript

A central repository for Flow-Typed WIP library definitions