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wintersmith - A flexible static site generator

  •    CoffeeScript

Wintersmith is a simple yet flexible static site generator. It takes contents (markdown, less, scripts, etc), transforms them using plugins and outputs a static website (html, css, images, etc) that you can host anywhere. Where <path> is the location you want the site to be generated. This creates a skeleton site with a basic set of templates and some articles, while not strictly needed it's a good starting point.

metalsmith - An extremely simple, pluggable static site generator.

  •    Javascript

An extremely simple, pluggable static site generator. In Metalsmith, all of the logic is handled by plugins. You simply chain them together. Here's what the simplest blog looks like...

blog.bazoud.com - The source code of Olivier Bazoud's website

  •    CoffeeScript

It is automatically transformed by Wintersmith into a static website.

wintersmith-node-sass - Wintersmith sass plugin with optional minifying

  •    CoffeeScript

Wintersmith plugin that compiles sass files using node-sass and optionally minifies them using clean-css. The plugin will compile each .scss file in the contents folder to a .css file in the build folder. If you want to include files without compiling them just place the .scss files in the template directory instead of the contents directory.

wintersmith-tag - A wintersmith plugin to create tags

  •    CoffeeScript

This is a plugin for Wintersmith. It allows you to add tags to articles and list articles by tags. For a complete example, please take a look at thecoolwei.com and its source.

caisson - Deploy your static website to AWS

  •    Javascript

I recommend you use AWS SDK for JavaScript in Node.js or AWS Command Line Interface instead. Caisson makes it easy to host and deploy a static website to AWS via the root domain, e.g. http://yoursite.com.

wintersmith-browserify - browserify plugin for wintersmith

  •    CoffeeScript

Then add wintersmith-browserify to your plugins list in wintersmith's config.json. Set as the browserify object in your wintersmith config.json.

wintersmith-less - less plugin for wintersmith

  •    CSS

Add a less key to your wintersmith config, all options are passed directly to the less parser with the exeption of the excluded list. Which can be a list of files to exclude from rendering (for example configuration and library files). Files that has filenames starting with underscore (_) are automatically excluded.

wp-to-wintersmith - Convert a Wordpress dump to Wintersmith content

  •    CoffeeScript

This repo will take a Wordpress export and convert it into contents compatible with a Wintersmith blog.

wintersmith-jade - A plugin to enable jade to be used as a content page (not just a template)

  •    CoffeeScript

A plugin to enable jade to be used as a content page (not just a template). Create a .jade file in your content directory. Wintersmith would usually ignore those without this plugin. With the wintersmith-jade plugin, Wintersmith will now pick up those as content and render the Jade as HTML like any other plugin.

run-wintersmith - Node module for controlling the Wintersmith static site generator

  •    Javascript

This module exposes a really simple API for configuring and controlling the Wintersmith static site generator. This is useful if you use a task runner (like gulp or Grunt) with your static site workflow. This module will allow you to automatically compile assets and refresh the browser when you edit Markdown files or change something in the templates etc. Please take a look at the example-gulpfile.js to see full usage example.

wintersmith-handlebars - handlebars plugin for wintersmith

  •    CoffeeScript

This plugin provides support for using Handlebars for Wintersmith. This plugin was inspired from wintersmith-hogan.

wintersmith-nunjucks - nunjucks plugin for wintersmith

  •    Javascript

Filters are essentially functions that can be applied to variables. They are called with a pipe operator (|) and can take arguments. To use customer filters with wintersmith, put the filter in its own file stored in a filters directory. The filename has to be the name of the filter + '.js'.