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Bing Maps for Windows Store Apps Training Kit

This training kit consists of a power point slide deck which gives an overview of how to create a Windows Store App that uses Bing Maps.

XAML Snippets for Visual Studio

Common snippets that can be used in the XAML editor in Visual Studio 2013.

WinRT Bouncy Castle

The Bouncy Castle API provides many cryptoghraphic APIs to every developpers. It is a port targetting WinRT (Windows Store apps & WP8) of the original C# branch

Butterfly Storage

Butterfly Storage is a data access technology based on object-oriented database model for Windows Store applications.

Desdemona Despair App

Desdemona Despair is a Windows Store app that implements a simple feed reader for the Desdemona Despair blog.

Windows Azure App

This Windows 8 Store App is a real-time dashboard for Windows Azure services. It provides up-to-date information of Windows Azure services availability.