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node-windows - Run NodeJS as Windows Service

  •    Javascript

Run Node.js scripts as native Windows services. Includes monitoring. It supports to create logs in the Event log, Run a command with elevated privileges, List Tasks, Kill Tasks etc. node-windows does not use native modules. There are some binary/exe utilities, but everything needed to run more complex tasks is packaged and distributed in a readily usable format. So, no need for Visual Studio... at least not for this module.

dotnet-win32-service - Helper classes to set up and run as windows services directly on

  •    CSharp

This repo contains a library for running a .NET Core application as windows service, without the need for a wrapper assembly or the full (desktop) .NET Framework. It is built using P/Invoke calls into native windows assemblies. Open http://localhost:5080 in a browser. You should see Hello world.

Windows Service Monitor


Windows service monitor is a little utility represented by icon in a windows system tray. The icon has different colors based on status of monitored windows services. You can monitor start / stop any windows services e.g sqlserver. This program is simplified version of service...

Hybrid Windows Service


Abstracted design pattern for running a windows service interactively. Implemented as a base class to replace ServiceBase it will automatically provide a controler UI with taskbar icon and console when run directly (ie not as a service).


  •    CSharp

DotNetWinService offers a simple tool based on log4Net, Spring.NET and Quartz.NET that helps declaratively implement scheduled tasks inside a Windows Service. It's developed in C# with Visual Studio 2008.

Excel and PowerPivot Refresh Suite


A command line utility for refreshing Excel data, as well as a Windows service which monitors and periodically refreshes a folder of Excel files.

WarmUpService for WebApps

  •    CSharp

Those who have been programming for the Web must be familiar with sluggish response for the first ever hit to the server. This also happens whenever the IIS/AppPool gets restarted/recycled. The WarmUpService keeps your web targets warmed-up by hitting them periodically.

Silverlight Policy Service

  •    Silverlight

The windows service act as a server and listens on TCP port 943 using IPv4 and IPv6. The socket policy included in the project allows all silverlight client applications to connect to TCP ports 4502-4506.

Unfuddle Pop2Ticket.NET

  •    CSharp

Pop2Ticket is a Windows Service that checks a POP3 account for new messages and adds them as tickets to a project at Unfuddle.com.

Forefront Endpoint Management Tools

  •    CSharp

The goal of this project is to create a basic management system for Forefront Endpoint. This is not a replacement for System Center, but a solution for smaller organizations. Currently planned features include policy management, reporting, and task scheduling. The project ...

Maintenance Service


A lot of projects need to have a windows service that execute different tasks. If am tired of creating the same service for all this project, so Here its a Generic Maintenance Service that can be configure to do a lot of task and have a lot of extension points.

Panic Key Monitor

  •    WPF

Panic Key Monitor is a program that monitors presence of usb flash drive with secret key. If flash drive is removed and no pin code was entered then Panic Key Monitor executes custom batch file. It is developed using VB.NET, Windows Services, WPF, WCF.


  •    CSharp

These are my best thin and fun buddies in daily coding!

Topper - :tophat: Simple Windows Service helper (Topshelf-based, Azure Web Job capable)

  •    CSharp

Based on Topshelf. Exposes a drastically simplified API, where "services" are simply factories that return something IDisposable.Create YourNewAwesomeWindowsService as a Console Application project targeting at least .NET 4.5.2.


  •    Java

Adds a GUI option to install the JNLP agent as a Windows service

directory-connector - Directory connector for syncing directory users (AD, Azure, G Suite, LDAP) to your organization

  •    CSharp

The Bitwarden Directory Connector is a command line application used to connect your Bitwarden enterprise organization to an existing directory of users and groups. It is written in C# with the .NET Framework. It consists of a console application and an optional windows service to run syncs in the background on a specified interval. Open bitwarden-directory-connector.sln or bitwarden-directory-connector-noinstaller.sln. After restoring the nuget packages, you can build and run the application.

DebuggableSelfInstallingService - A Debuggable, Self-Installing Windows Service Template based on James Michael Hare's excellent blogposts

  •    CSharp

The WindowsService.cs file contains the ServiceImplementation class which, as it's name suggests, implements all service methods. This class has been fitted with an WindowsServiceAttribute which you can use to control some service-specific properties like Name, DisplayName, Description, UserName, Password, EventLogSource, StartMode, CanPauseAndContinue, CanShutdown, CanStop and services your service depends on via ServiceDependsOn.

go-svc - Go Windows Service wrapper that plays nice with Linux.

  •    Go

Go Windows Service wrapper that plays nice with Linux. Windows tests here. See the example directory for more examples, including installing and uninstalling binaries built in Go as Windows services.

OWIN-WebAPI-Service - :white_check_mark: OWIN / WebAPI windows service example

  •    CSharp

Sometimes, you just need a good example to get started. The OWIN-WebAPI-Service project came out of a need to create a self-hosted WebAPI 2 service in a Windows service. Microsoft says that going forward, OWIN is the way to go. I wanted to use attribute routing in WebAPI 2. I couldn't find a decent example anywhere, so I created my own.