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Regex Lab .NET

Regex Lab .NET is a full-featured application for editing regular expressions (or regex patterns). The application features a modern, highly functional UI for writing or debugging regular expression patterns. It is written with C# and WinForms.


InfFront is a .NET-based UI building tool. In the first place it designed to automate development of rich highly customizable enterprise application clients. It's developed in C# programming language. Keywords: WPF, WPF Toolkit, WCF, ADO.NET, WinForms

ToolStrip Customizer for .NET WinForms

Lightweight and easy to use tool designed to help you change look and feel of the .NET Framework ToolStrip controls: toolbars and menus.


This program is an helper for Ultima Online game. It's used to create small icons that will execute macros and vocal commands. Icons can be placed anywhere on screen, can be colored and you can place text inside. Set of icons can be saved on file and can be easily loaded with ...

MIDI File Splitter

MIDI File Splitter is a simple utility designed to split a MIDI file up into multiple sections based on its markers. It was originally designed to be used for splitting up the Session Drummer and Pattern Brush MIDI files included with Cakewalk's SONAR into individual patterns ...

Tabbed MDI Window Manager

MDIWindowManager is a control that allows you to create MDI applications using a modern Tabbed Document Interface. The control works on traditional MDI forms and does not require that children be derived from some proprietary base class or implement some special interface or f...


WebCycle is a screensaver application that cycles through web pages. This was originally created to cycle through Reporting Services reports so that idle monitors could serve as dashboards.

WinForms Shape Control

A simple WinForms control that will display a shape (rectange, triangle, star, curve, polygon, etc.) with a number of different fill and outline effects, including text. Nice for spicing up a form.


UTFPRLibrary provides a set of templates and controls that makes it easier for .NET developers to create applications (32 or 64 bits) with Windows Forms and Entity Framework 4. It's developed in C#.

On(e) Note Notify

The main purpose of this project was to monitor Microsoft OneNote shared notebooks changes.

Windows Forms Toolkit

This project will provide many controls and tools for developping with Windows Forms.

GPS_YV Herramientas para Mapas GPS (GPS Map Tools)

[English] This is a set of tools for GPS Maps in Polish format (.mp). For now they allow to verify, validate, and fix Points of Interest (POIs) and Roads in Maps. [Español] Este es un grupo de aplicaciones para Mapas de GPS en el formato Polish (.mp). Por ahora permiten veri...

100% Managed Soundtrack Music Module Player

A Soundtracker Module music player in pure managed C#. Can be used in Native Window , XNA and Silverlight applications.

Pomodoro Suite

Pomodoro Suite is a complete tool to work with the pomodoro technique. It has the following features: master list of tasks, to do today list, timer, localization (English-spanish), user, coloring by state, and many features more. To learn more about the technique Pomodoro I...

Drawing Custom Borders in Windows Forms

This project is a small library that extends Windows Forms with ability to customize the windows's non-client area. This allows you to create custom skins for any window and give your application consistent and unique look. The project includes also an interactive editor to ea...


.NET Wrapper for Awesomium, a Web-Browser Framework

Plethora .NET

Developed in C#, Plethora is a collection of opensource .NET libraries. Plethora is fundamentally designed for high-performance applications, and much of the library is dedicated to gaining performance advantages over the regular C# libraries. Included are: - Indexed co...

WinForms Group Controls

WinForms controls that display multiple sub-controls without creating a unique window handle for each child. Instead each child is drawn using the default renderers and its space and status are managed by the parent. Currently a RadioButtonList and a CheckBoxList are implemented.