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Ticktoo - A Simple Windows Azure Event Ticketing System

  •    CSharp

Ticktoo is a simple ticketing system that leverages the power of cloud computing to deliver a highly scalable SaaS solution to music concerts, workshops, private parties or any other events organizers. Ticktoo is developed in C# using ASP.NET MVC2, SQL Azure and Windows Azu...

Windows Azure SQL Database and Storage Backup Role


This Windows Azure solution helps you backup your SQL Databases to the Blob Storage on a scheduled basis.

CloudNinja - Windows Azure Multi-tenant Sample


The Cloud Ninja Project is a Windows Azure multi-tenant sample application demonstrating metering and automated scaling concepts, as well as some common multi-tenant features such as automated provisioning and federated identity.



open source forum software, built for Windows Azure. Keywords: Windows Azure, Forum, ASP.Net, C#. The solution is created with VS2010.

Windows Azure Storage Mapper

  •    CSharp

a library for azure storage

Windows Azure Manager Role


The Manager Role is a worker role that that is designed to do housekeeping tasks for your Cloud Service such as auto-scaling, and database copy/export.


  •    Silverlight

"Tiscs" is a open source project created by Tiscs.org. Hosted on Codeplex and licensed under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).


  •    DotNet

AzureLogProviders is a library which provides ready to use log providers for azure.

Hosting Silverlight Pivot in Windows Azure

  •    Silverlight

This sample code shows how you can host Silverlight Pivot Viewer in Windows Azure Web Role. You just need to create Pivot Viewer CXML and folders using PivitViewer control and use this sample code to host it inside the Windows Azure Web Role.

Sample Code: Running Unmanaged Code from Windows Azure Applications


Sample code illustrating how to run native/unmanaged code from Windows Azure Applications.

Azure Blob Studio 2011

  •    VB

A WPF client for managing files on your Windows Azure Blob Storage account available as a stand-alone application and as an extension for Visual Studio 2010. Of course, in Visual Basic 2010

Open Personal Response System


OpenPRS is designed to be an audience-feedback tool for presenters to keep audiences engaged in a presentation as well as facilitating information gathering from the audience and presentation to the presenter and other interested parties.

awesome-azure - A Curated List of Azure Resources

  •    PowerShell

This library provides resources to learn Azure and other Microsoft services. There is not one specific focus of the repository as Azure offers a large variety of services. The remaining files in the repo are Powershell files that allow you to perform actions on Azure. The main file azure-powershell.ps1 contains all the Powershell commands. In the Powershell-areas folder you will be able to find all the individual areas on Azure such as Machine Learning etc. Azure can be quite intimidating because of the vast amount of services and options. Therefore it would make sense to choose a specific learning path in order to learn how Azure can be used within the area you work in. I would recommend everone getting started with Azure to take the Azure Fundamentals course. This course provides a great introduction to all the various services. After this course you will have a better understanding of the Azure Ecosystem and you can dive into the specific area you are going to be working within.

CQRSAzure - CQRS on Windows Azure

  •    CSharp

Despite numerous articles and the favourable experiences of enterprise application developers, CQRS has not caught on as a mainstream development architecture (in the way that, for example, MVC has). I believe that two things are needed in order to demonstrate the architecture and increase its adoption: (1) examples to demonstrate the advantages of scalability, simplicity, testing and read/write independence and (2) tooling to allow developers rapidly to assemble the CQRS application in a graphical model.