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reactos - A free Windows-compatible Operating System

  •    C

ReactOS™ is an Open Source effort to develop a quality operating system that is compatible with applications and drivers written for the Microsoft® Windows™ NT family of operating systems (NT4, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Seven). The ReactOS project, although currently focused on Windows Server 2003 compatibility, is always keeping an eye toward compatibility with Windows Vista and future Windows NT releases.

wxWidgets - Cross-Platform GUI Library - Report issues here: https://trac.wxwidgets.org/

  •    C++

wxWidgets is a free and open source cross-platform C++ framework for writing advanced GUI applications using native controls. wxWidgets licence is a modified version of LGPL explicitly allowing not distributing the sources of an application using the library even in the case of static linking.

walk - A Windows GUI toolkit for the Go Programming Language

  •    Go

Walk is a "Windows Application Library Kit" for the Go Programming Language. Its primarily useful for Desktop GUI development, but there is some more stuff.

vst3sdk - VST 3 Plug-In SDK

  •    CMake

A VST Plug-in is an audio processing component that is utilized within a host application. This host application provides the audio or/and event streams that are processed by the Plug-in's code. Generally speaking, a VST Plug-in can take a stream of audio data, apply a process to the audio, and return the result to the host application. A VST Plug-in performs its process normally using the processor of the computer. The audio stream is broken down into a series of blocks. The host supplies the blocks in sequence. The host and its current environment control the block-size. The VST Plug-in maintains the status of all its own parameters relating to the running process: The host does not maintain any information about what the Plug-in did with the last block of data it processed. From the host application's point of view, a VST Plug-in is a black box with an arbitrary number of inputs, outputs (Event (MIDI) or Audio), and associated parameters. The host needs no implicit knowledge of the Plug-in's process to be able to use it. The Plug-in process can use whatever parameters it wishes, internally to the process, but depending on the capabilities of the host, it can allow the changes to user parameters to be automated by the host.

Font Name Retrieval

  •    C++

This library helps developer to retrieve the font family name from the TTF, OTF and TTC font files, so that developer can display the font without installing the font on the user computer.


  •    C++

TextEdit is a text editor, written in C++ to the raw Win32 API and fits together the myriad bits and pieces a robust Win32 application requires.

AlphaVSS - Bringing Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to .NET

  •    DotNet

AlphaVSS is a .NET class library written in C++/CLI aiming to provide a managed interface to the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) API. The goal is to provide an interface that is simple to use from a C# or VB.NET application, yet provides the full functionality of VSS.


  •    C++

A lightweight Twitter client built in C/C++ with Win32/64. No additional frameworks required. Initial version targets Windows XP SP2 or greater operating systems including Vista and Windows 7.

C4F - Sandman


Sandman lets you put your computer to sleep (or shutdown/logoff/etc) when windows appear, disappear, or change. For example, you can standby after a "File Copying" or "Downloading..." dialog disappears. (MSDN Coding 4 Fun)



With the release of Microsoft's latest operating system, Vista, applications interfaces may take a completely new approach leveraging the famed DirectX platform through the use of Windows Presentation Foundation. AeroTrax is a simple MP3 player using the new Aero Glass techn...


  •    DotNet

Wtf Manager Framework is an application framework for building extensible applications. An application built on Wtf Framework may consist of many different modules, which provide different kinds of functionality through Module Services and Service Extensions.

taskkill - Wrapper for the Windows `taskkill` command. Ends one or more tasks or processes.

  •    Javascript

Wrapper for the Windows taskkill command. Ends one or more tasks or processes.See the taskkill docs for more.

tasklist - Wrapper for the Windows `tasklist` command

  •    Javascript

Wrapper for the Windows tasklist command. Returns a list of apps and services with their Process ID (PID) for all tasks running on either a local or a remote computer.Cleans up and normalizes the data.

win-release - Get the name of a Windows version from the release number: 5.1.2600 → XP

  •    Javascript

By default, the current OS is used, but you can supply a custom release number, which is the output of os.release().Note: Most Windows Server versions cannot be detected based on the release number alone. There is runtime detection in place to work around this, but it will only be used if no argument is supplied.

Api-Break-for-x64dbg - x64dbg plugin to set breakpoints automatically to Win32/64 APIs

  •    C

Api Break is a x64dbg plugin which is aimed to set breakpoints Win32/64 API calls easly. It can be useful when the code does obfuscated or indirect api calls or something similar conditions. This mode is automatically (naturally) handles all API calls for the entire module. Also, this mode gives an option to jump automatically to the API caller when the API entry breakpoint hit. It exposes the original caller using single step callstack backtracing.

is-elevated - Check if the process is running with elevated privileges

  •    Javascript

By checking if the process is root on Unix systems or if the user is Administrator on Windows.Keep in mind that root and Administrator mean different things so this module might not be suitable for your use-case.

wait-on - wait-on is a cross-platform command line utility and Node

  •    Javascript

wait-on will wait for period of time for a file to stop growing before triggering availability which is good for monitoring files that are being built. Likewise wait-on will wait for period of time for other resources to remain available before triggering success. For http(s) resources wait-on will check that the requests are returning 2XX (success) to HEAD or GET requests (after following any redirects).

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