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apps-android-commons - Upload pictures from Android to Wikimedia Commons

  •    Java

The Wikimedia Commons Android app allows users to upload pictures from their Android phone/tablet to Wikimedia Commons. Download the app here, or view our website. .. and many more.

pattypan - Upload files to Wikimedia Commons. The Spreadsheet Way.

  •    Java

Tool that simplifies Wikimedia Commons batch file uploading for GLAM institution volunteers and employees. Created thanks to Wikimedia Foundation IEG Grant. For more information on usage, see Commons:Pattypan.

pronuncify - automate incrementally producing word pronunciation recordings for Wiktionary through Wikimedia Commons

  •    Ruby

Make it easy to quickly record batches of word pronunciations in Ogg files suitable for upload to Wikimedia Commons on any modern Linux machine. It does so using the command line, showing the user a word at a time and recording a 4-second file. The user is then given a 4-second chance to reject it (if they made a mistake in recording, or if the word should not be recorded). If the user does nothing, the next word is shown and recorded. At the end of a run, you have count new Ogg files ready for upload, and named according to the standard in the Pronunciation page on Commons.