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MediaWiki - powers Wikipedia

  •    PHP

MediaWiki is powers Wikipedia.org. MediaWiki is designed to be run on a large server farm for a website that gets millions of hits per day. MediaWiki is an extremely powerful, scalable software and a feature-rich wiki implementation. Pages use MediaWiki's wikitext format, so that users without knowledge of XHTML or CSS can edit them easily.

TWiki - Wiki and Web 2.0 Application Platform

  •    Perl

TWiki is a flexible, powerful, and easy to use enterprise wiki, enterprise collaboration platform, and web application platform. It is a Structured Wiki, typically used to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool, on an intranet, extranet or the Internet. TWiki is a cgi-bin script written in Perl. It reads a text file, hyperlinks it and converts it to HTML on the fly.


  •    C

Citadel is a collaboration suite (messaging and groupware). It provides support for Email, Calendaring/Scheduling, Address books, Bulletin boards, Mailing List Server, Instant Messaging, Wiki, Multiple domain support.

wiki - Wiki.js | A modern, lightweight and powerful wiki app built on NodeJS, Git and Markdown

  •    CSS

Wiki.js can run on virtually all platforms where Node.js can (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.). Read the full prerequisites article for full details.

PmWiki - PHP based Wiki

  •    PHP

PmWiki is a wiki-based system for collaborative creation and maintenance of websites. It stores data in the file system and it doesn't require database. It has all required features for a wiki such as Page editing, Page history, Web feed, Email notification for revised page, Navigation trails, Search support, Spam protection and lot more.


  •    C

Fossil is a distributed version control like Git and Mercurial. Fossil also supports distributed bug tracking and distributed wiki all in a single integrated package. It is simple, high-reliability, distributed software configuration management.

WoaS - Wiki on a Stick

  •    Javascript

Personal wiki that lives in one self-modifying XHTML containing software, interface and data. Very useful for creating small websites and mantaining notes or todo-lists; completely javascript-programmable, supports encryption and file embedding.

community - 🛠 The Document IDE

  •    Go

To bring software development inspired features to the world of documenting -- refactoring, importing, testing, linting, metrics, PRs, versioning....Documize is an intelligent document environment (IDE) for creating, securing and sharing documents -- everything you need in one place.

plots2 - PublicLab

  •    Ruby

The content management system for the Public Lab research community, the plots2 web application is a combination of a group research blog of what we call "research notes" and a wiki. Read more about the data model here. It features a Bootstrap-based UI and a variety of community and attribution features that help the Public Lab community collaborate on environmental technology design and documentation, as well as community organizing. Originally a Drupal site, it was rewritten in 2012 in Ruby on Rails and has since extended but not entirely replaced the legacy Drupal data model and database design.

cms_pico - Integrate Pico and let your users manage their own websites

  •    Javascript

The app cms_pico integrate Pico in your Nextcloud. This will allow your users to create and manage their own websites with address like: https://cloud.example.com/sites/my_site/. The source of the website will be stored in the users' files and the Markdown will be formatted by Pico to generate the pages.Because Pico is using the Markdown format, you should consider enabling the Markdown Editor app.

wikidata - Scripts for Wikidata

  •    Python

Scripts for Wikidata.To run these scripts, you need to install pywikibot.

deplate - deplate is a tool for converting wiki-like markup to latex, docbook, html, or "html-slides"

  •    Ruby

deplate is a tool for converting wiki-like markup to latex, docbook, html, or "html-slides". It supports embedded LaTeX code, footnotes, citations, biblographies, automatic generation of an index etc.

inline-markdown-editor - An inline wysiwyg markdown document editor based on replacing string subsections

  •    Javascript

An inline wysiwyg markdown document editor based on replacing string subsections. WYSIWYG possible via the woofmark-based PublicLab.Editor. inline-markdown-editor splits up a Markdown-containing string by double newlines into sections, and parses each into HTML, which it displays.

ArkCORE-NG - Cataclysm 4.3.4 emulator.. with archeology..

  •    C++

ArkCORE is a MMORPG Framework based mostly in C++. It is derived from MaNGOS, the Massive Network Game Object Server, and is based on the code of that project with extensive changes over time to optimize, improve and cleanup the codebase at the same time as improving the in-game mechanics and functionality.

Wiki - Official repository for OCS Inventory documentaiton


If you miss something feel free to open an issue and ask for documentation or fork it and document it by yourself. Same for mistakes in the documentation.

monotome - a wikisoft project; markdown markup and no build step

  •    Javascript

Subjects are ordered into a simple directory structure which is mirrored by index.json. You can fill index.json's subjects by hand if you want to avoid running a script. You can also run node monotome/bin/generate.js and it will write index.json for you.