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image-size - Node module for detecting image dimensions

  •    TypeScript

NOTE: The asynchronous version doesn't work if the input is a Buffer. Use synchronous version instead. If the target file is an icon (.ico) or a cursor (.cur), the width and height will be the ones of the first found image.

react-dimensions - [Looking for maintainers]

  •    Javascript

React higher-order component to get the dimensions of a wrapper element and pass them as properties to the child element. DEVELOPMENT STATUS: I'm not really using this any more since for grids/tables in React I've switched from fixed-data-table (which I was using this for) to react-virtualized which includes similar functionality to this with the Autosizer. I'm happy for someone else to take this module on.

dom-helpers - tiny, extremely modular, DOM helper library for IE8+

  •    Javascript

Mostly just naive wrappers around common DOM API inconsistencies, Cross browser work is minimal and mostly taken from jQuery. This library doesn't do a lot to normalize behavior across browsers, it mostly seeks to provide a common interface, and eliminate the need to write the same damn if (ie8) statements in every project. over and over again, or you need a ok getComputedStyle polyfill but don't want to include all of jQuery, use this.

text-width - Measure the text width in browsers

  •    Javascript

A small utility for measuring the text width in browsers that support the canvas API.Install through npm and require it with browserify. It uses the ctx.measureText method for acquiring the text width.

term-size - Reliably get the terminal window size

  •    Javascript

Confirmed working on macOS, Linux, and Windows.Returns an Object with columns and rows properties.

opentype-layout - word wraps and lays out Opentype.js glyphs

  •    Javascript

Experimental word-wrapping and layout for Opentype.js.Best used with npm and browserify. This should also work in Node.js and other environments.

wcwidth - Port of C's wcwidth() and wcswidth()

  •    Javascript

wcwidth is a simple JavaScript port of wcwidth implemented in C by Markus Kuhn.wcwidth() and its string version, wcswidth() are defined by IEEE Std 1002.1-2001, a.k.a. POSIX.1-2001, and return the number of columns used to represent the given wide character and string.

postcss-size - PostCSS plugin for size shortcut

  •    Javascript

PostCSS plugin for size shortcut to set width and height properties.See PostCSS docs for examples for your environment.

cli-truncate - Truncate a string to a specific width in the terminal

  •    Javascript

Gracefully handles ANSI escapes. Like a string styled with chalk. It also supports Unicode surrogate pairs and fullwidth characters.Text to truncate.

node-aspectratio - Image aspect ratio calculation utility

  •    Javascript

Image aspect ratio utilities. Apply a fixed aspect ratio crop without distoring the image aspect ratio.

fastimage - FastImage finds the size or type of an image given its URL by fetching as little as needed

  •    Javascript

FastImage finds the size or type of an image given its URL by fetching as little as needed. FastImage supports and has been tested on NodeJS 5.0+.

jquery.actual - Get the actual width/height of invisible DOM elements with jQuery.

  •    HTML

Get the actual width/height of invisible DOM elements with jQuery. jQuery has trouble finding the width/height of invisible DOM elements. With element or its parent element has css property 'display' set to 'none'. $('.hidden').width(); will return 0 instead of the actual width; This plugin simply fix it.

center-align - Center-align the text in a string.

  •    Javascript

Center-align the text in a string. If expected width is not provided, the length of the longest line will be used.

window-size - Reliable way to to get the height and width of the terminal/console in a node

  •    Javascript

Reliable way to get the height and width of terminal/console, since it's not calculated or updated the same way on all platforms, environments and node.js versions. The main export is either an object with width and height properties, or undefined if unable to get width and height.

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