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Carbon - Material Design implementation for Android 4

  •    Java

Material Design implementation for Android 4.0+. Shadows, ripples, vectors, fonts, animations, widgets, rounded corners and more.

vicious - Vicious is a modular widget library for the "awesome" window manager.

  •    Lua

Vicious widget types are a framework for creating your own widgets. Vicious contains modules that gather data about your system, and a few "awesome" helper functions that make it easier to register timers, suspend widgets and so on. Vicious doesn't depend on any third party Lua libraries, but may depend on additional system utilities (see widget description). When provided by an operating system package, or installed from source into the Lua library path Vicious can be used as a regular Lua library, to be used stand-alone or to feed widgets of any window manager (ie. Ion, WMII). It is compatible with both Lua v5.1 and v5.2.

ocsigen-toolkit - User interface widgets for Ocsigen applications

  •    OCaml

The Ocsigen Toolkit is a set of user interface widgets that facilitate the development of Eliom applications. The toolkit is in beta state. NB: you may want to include the provided CSS in you own project. Take a look at the css directory for the style files that correspond to the modules you use.