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vim-better-whitespace - Better whitespace highlighting for Vim

  •    Vim

This plugin causes all trailing whitespace characters (see Supported Whitespace Characters below) to be highlighted. Whitespace for the current line will not be highlighted while in insert mode. It is possible to disable current line highlighting while in other modes as well (see options below). A helper function :StripWhitespace is also provided to make whitespace cleaning painless. Whitespace highlighting is enabled by default, with a highlight color of red.

strip-indent - Strip leading whitespace from each line in a string

  •    Javascript

The line with the least number of leading whitespace, ignoring empty lines, determines the number to remove.Useful for removing redundant indentation.

characteristics - Character info under different encodings

  •    Ruby

Extra data is available for Unicode characters (see below). The unibits and uniscribe gems makes use of this data to visualize it accordingliy.

jsup - update json in-place, preserving formatting

  •    Javascript

Update json strings in-place.Return a new jsup updater from the json string body src.

json-lexer - Split a JSON String into annotated tokens

  •    Javascript

This is a JSON lexer based on the implementation in json3. It can split a JSON String into a list of annotated tokens. It will list whitespace as well, so it can used in-place editing of JSON documents. Note that this doesn't check the validity of your JSON, so it will tokenize something like "token"}: happily.

multi-line - multi-line everything from function invocations and definitions to array and map literals in a wide variety of languages

  •    Emacs

multi-line aims to provide a flexible framework for automatically multi-lining and single-lining function invocations and definitions, array and map literals and more. It relies on functions that are defined on a per major mode basis wherever it can so that it operates correctly across many different programming languages. It is likely that multi-line will function pretty well in any language using typical brace/parenthesis/comma syntax, provided that the major mode has properly defined forward-sexp and indent-line. If you find that multi-line works well without modification in your language of choice please file an issue or submit a pull request to have it added to the list of officially supported languages.

react-spaceman - React component to manage whitespace

  •    TypeScript

React component to manage whitespace inside components and between components. Inspired by Nathan Curtis’ article Space in Design Systems.

pretty - Sensible presets and some tweaks for beautifying HTML with js-beautify according to my preferences

  •    Javascript

Some tweaks for beautifying HTML with js-beautify according to my preferences. Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.

brackets-editorconfig - Brackets extension for supporting EditorConfig features

  •    Javascript

EditorConfig helps developers maintain consistent coding styles between different editors. Based on @MiguelCastillo's Brackets-wsSanitizer and utilizing EditorConfig JavaScript Core library.

vscode-whiteviz - An extension for whitespace visualization

  •    TypeScript

WhiteViz is simply an extension that visualize the whitespace upon selection. Explicitly made for this issue for the Visual Studio Code.

min-indent - Get the shortest leading whitespace from lines in a string

  •    Javascript

The line with the least number of leading whitespace, ignoring empty lines, determines the number. Useful for removing redundant indentation.

lessspace.vim - Better whitespace stripping for Vim

  •    Vim

This simple plugin will strip the trailing whitespace from the file you are editing. However, it does this only on the lines you edit or visit in Insert mode; it leaves all the others untouched. I wrote this plugin because I work with people whose editors don't clean up whitespace. My editor (Vim) did strip all whitespace, and saving my edits caused a lot of extraneous whitespace changes that showed up in version control logs. This plugin gives the best of both worlds: it cleans up whitespace on edited lines only, keeping version control diffs clean.

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