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whisper - Whisper is a file-based time-series database format for Graphite.

  •    Python

Whisper is a fixed-size database, similar in design and purpose to RRD (round-robin-database). It provides fast, reliable storage of numeric data over time. Whisper allows for higher resolution (seconds per point) of recent data to degrade into lower resolutions for long-term retention of historical data.Please refer to the instructions at readthedocs.

web3.js - Ethereum JavaScript API

  •    Javascript

This is the Ethereum compatible JavaScript API which implements the Generic JSON RPC spec. It's available on npm as a node module, for bower and component as an embeddable js and as a meteor.js package.You need to run a local Ethereum node to use this library.

Embark - Framework for serverless Decentralized Applications using Ethereum, IPFS and other platforms

  •    Javascript

Embark is a framework that allows you to easily develop and deploy Decentralized Applications (DApps). A Decentralized Application is a serverless html5 application that uses one or more decentralized technologies. Embark currently integrates with EVM blockchains (Ethereum), Decentralized Storages (IPFS), and Decentralized communication platforms (Whisper and Orbit). Swarm is supported for deployment.

go-carbon - Golang implementation of Graphite/Carbon server with classic architecture: Agent -> Cache -> Persister

  •    Go

Faster than default carbon. In all conditions :) How much faster depends on server hardware, storage-schemas, etc. There were some efforts to find out maximum possible performance of go-carbon on a hardware (2xE5-2620v3, 128GB RAM, local SSDs).

status-js-api - Status Javascript Client (WIP)

  •    TypeScript

Alternatively, you can use yarn. This package requires geth, status-go, or murmur to be able to connect to Whisper v6.

whisper-tutorial - Whisper Tutorial using web3js

  •    Javascript

In this tutorial we'll learn how to use Ethereum's Whisper protocol to create a simple chat CLI. While everything happens in your console for this tutorial, you should be able to re-use the JS we provide in your own apps and get a good sense of how to send and display different kinds of messages, as well as the beginnings of what it is possible to build with Whisper. We understand that not many DApp developers want to use Whisper in the way Status does (as a massive, multi-user messaging protocol), but rather to move specific (and often important) information about interactions in/with their DApp. This tutorial is intended to provide you with the skills needed to adapt Whisper to your needs: you should know both enough to plug into any Status chat easily, as well as how to use Whisper for your own work by the end. Many other teams are already doing this, and you can - for instance - find more information about how to extend the basic concepts here into an interesting system on the Bloom blog.

puppet-graphite - Puppet module for graphite monitoring tools

  •    Puppet

Limitations - OS compatibility, etc. This module installs and makes basic configs for graphite, with carbon and whisper.