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run-node - Run the Node.js binary no matter what

  •    Shell

You can't always assume running $ node file.js will just work. The user might have the node binary in a non-standard location. They might be using a Node.js version manager like nvm, which is sourced in a subshell and not available from the outside. It also depends from where you're trying to run it. For example, GUI apps on macOS doesn't inherit the $PATH, so the node binary would not be found. Most projects that depend on Node.js just end up telling the user to manually set the full path to the node binary in some project specific settings. Now every project has to do this. Ugh... I prefer things to just work. With this module it will.This Bash script uses some tricks to find the Node.js binary on your system and run it.

mouse-event - Cross browser mouse event property access

  •    Javascript

Provides a normalized, cross-browser, garbage-collection-free API for reading out the state of a mouse event. Because it is 2015 and somehow every major browser still disagrees on even the most basic details of MouseEvents. Seriously guys.

keysight - A translator for javascript keyboard events to and from understandable english.

  •    Javascript

A translator for javascript keyboard events to and from consistent and familiar character and key representations. Take your keydown, keypress, and keyup events and reliably translate them into keyboard keys and characters. Its lightweight at 1.06KB minified and gzipped. Mapping browser keyboard events to actual characters has always been a struggle because of browser inconsistencies, and inconsistencies between 'keydown' and 'keypress' events. No library seems to have existed to solve this problem, so I created one.

tty-which - Cross-platform implementation of Unix `which` command

  •    Ruby

Platform independent implementation of Unix which utility that searches for executable file in the path variable. TTY::Which provides cross-platform executables search component for TTY toolkit.

which-rs - A Rust equivalent of Unix command "which".

  •    Rust

A Rust equivalent of Unix command "which". Locate installed execuable in cross platforms. To find which rustc exectable binary is using. Locate installed execuable in cross platforms.

which - Lookup executable via PATH or given path string

  •    C

Lookup executable via PATH environment variable or a given path string.

node-whereis - Simply get the first path to a bin on any system

  •    Javascript

Which/Whereis easy helper, find if a program exists

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