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piwheels - Python package repository providing wheels (pre-built binaries) for Raspberry Pi

  •    Python

piwheels is Python package repository providing wheels (pre-built binaries) for the ARMv6 and ARMv7 architectures used by Raspberry Pi. This repository contains the source code for building armv6 and armv7 wheels for packages found on PyPI, and the project's future will be discussed in GitHub issues.

devpi-builder - Automatically build and upload python packages to devpi

  •    Python

Brandon, the devpi builder, takes a requirements.txt and incrementally fills a devpi index with wheels of the listed python packages.

cfwheels-example-app - A CFWheels 2

  •    ColdFusion

This sample application is not a complete Content Management System, and is more of a starting point for your own applications; it aims to demonstrate some of the framework's features such as Database migrations, routing etc.

pyo3-pack - Build and publish crates with pyo3, rust-cypthon or (c)ffi bindings as python packages

  •    Rust

Build and publish crates with pyo3, rust-cpython or (c)ffi bindings as python packages. This project was meant as a zero configuration replacement for setuptools-rust. It supports building wheels for python 2.7 and 3.5+ on windows, linux and mac and can upload them to pypi.

starforge - Build Galaxy dependencies, wheels, and other things, in Docker (and other things)

  •    Python

These things will be built in Docker. Additionally, wheels can be built in QEMU/KVM virtualized systems. Starforge is maintained by the Galaxy Project and community. A list of contributors to the project can be found on GitHub.

scikit-build - Improved build system generator for CPython C, C++, Cython and Fortran extensions

  •    Python

Improved build system generator for CPython C/C++/Fortran/Cython extensions. Better support is available for additional compilers, build systems, cross compilation, and locating dependencies and determining their build requirements.

wheelwright - 🎡 Automated build repo for Python wheels and source packages

  •    Python

This repo builds release wheels and source packages for Python libraries available as GitHub repositories. We're currently using it to build wheels for spaCy and our other libraries. The build repository integrates with Azure Pipelines and builds the artifacts for macOS, Linux and Windows on Python 3.5+. All wheels are available in the releases. 🙏 Special thanks to Nathaniel J. Smith for helping us out with this, to Matthew Brett for multibuild, and of course to the PyPA team for their hard work on Python packaging.

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