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omnipay-pingpp - A Ping++ driver for the Omnipay PHP payment processing library

  •    PHP

Ping++ is a Chinese leading payment integration service provider, which support various mainstream payment gateways in China, eg. Alipay, Wechat Pay, UnionPay, Apple Pay, QQ Wallet, YeePay, Baidu Wallet, JDPay, etc. Omnipay is a framework agnostic, multi-gateway payment processing library for PHP. It has a clear and consistent API, and is fully unit tested. This package implements Ping++ support for Omnipay.

YouzanPayPortal - 利用有赞云和有赞微小店实现个人收款解决方案

  •    TypeScript

利用有赞云和有赞微小店实现个人收款解决方案 .

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