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  •    Javascript

A helper three.js library for building AR web experiences that run in WebARonARKit and WebARonARCore. See three.ar.js API documentation for details.

webvr-polyfill - Use WebVR today, without requiring a special browser build.

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript implementation of the WebVR spec. This project ensures your WebVR content works on any platform, whether or not the browser/device has native WebVR support, or when there are inconsistencies in implementation. Take a look at basic WebVR samples that use this polyfill.

engine - Fast and lightweight WebGL game engine

  •    Javascript

PlayCanvas is an open-source game engine. It uses HTML5 and WebGL to run games and other interactive 3D content in all modern browsers without the need for a plugin. You can see more games on the PlayCanvas website.

exokit - Native VR/AR/XR engine for JavaScript 🦖

  •    Javascript

Find more examples here and on YouTube. This project enables developers to build XR experiences using the same code that runs on the web. Exokit engine is written on top of Node and emulates a web browser, providing native hooks for WebGL, WebXR, WebAudio, and other APIs used in immersive experiences.

react-xr - 🤳 VR/AR with react-three-fiber

  •    Javascript

These demos are real, you can click them! They contain the full code, too. To get started with default controller models add DefaultXRControllers component. It will fetch appropriate input profile models. You can learn more here.

Simple-WebXR-Unity - ⭐ Bringing WebXR to Unity 3D ! B-)

  •    CSharp

SimpleWebXR is a lightweight library that exposes the WebXR javascript API in your C# Unity code. Thus, after a Unity WebGL build, your app can do augmented or virtual reality in the browser. The files in directory /Assets/SimpleWebXR/Scripts/MRTK-Providers add WebXR capabilities to MRTK with the following functions: controller tracking, hand tracking, hand ray, index pointer, grip pointer and spatial pointer. Teleportation could be added.

webxr-polyfill - A polyfill and example code for building augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications using WebXR

  •    Javascript

This repository holds a polyfill and example applications for a proposed API for building AR and VR applications in web browsers.You can find the proposed API description in the webxr-api repository.

WebAR-Article - WebAR-Article is a responsive and information rich website that is progressively enhanced with Augmented Reality content exposed through experimental web technologies

  •    Javascript

WebAR-Article will work everywhere, desktop, tablet and mobile. However, if you want to experience WebAR-Article's AR content make sure you have installed WebARonARKit if you are on iOS or WebARonARCore on Android. If you aren't familar with these experimental browsers, please visit their respective github repository to learn how to get starting. WebAR-Article is built using modern web development tooling, so before getting started make sure you have node and the npm package manager installed on your development machine.

Spoke - Web based 3D scene editor

  •    Javascript

Easily create custom 3D environments for Mozilla Hubs. Then open https://localhost:9090.

Spoke - Easily create custom 3D environments

  •    Javascript

Easily create custom 3D environments for Mozilla Hubs. Then open http://localhost:9090.

jeelizAR - JavaScript object detection lightweight library for augmented reality (WebXR demos included)

  •    Javascript

Demonstration of this library: WebXR Coffee. The tea cup is detected and a 3D animation is played in augmented reality. You can subscribe to the Jeeliz Youtube channel or to the @StartupJeeliz Twitter account to be kept informed of our cutting edge developments.

webvrrocks - Your guide to Virtual Reality in the browser.

  •    HTML

Your guide to Virtual Reality in the browser. When commits land on the master branch of this repository, this project is automatically rebuilt and deployed to the production site, served by GitHub Pages (gh-pages branch of this repository), using a Travis CI + GitHub integration.

webxr-polyfill - Use the WebXR Device API today, providing fallbacks to native WebVR 1

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript implementation of the WebXR Device API. This polyfill allows developers to write against the latest specification, providing support when run on browsers that implement the WebVR 1.1 spec, or no WebVR/WebXR support at all. The polyfill will be updated to track changes in the spec, and may introduce breaking changes in the polyfill's 1.0.x releases until the spec stabilizes.

ar-with-webxr - Building an augmented reality application with the WebXR Device API

  •    Javascript

This code has the resources you need for the codelab Building an augmented reality application with the WebXR Device API. You can view the completed web site here.

immers - ActivityPub federated social media server for the metaverse

  •    Javascript

ActivityPub server for immers.space - a decentralized virtual reality metaverse platform powered by Mozilla Hubs and activitypub-express. We provide a Docker Hub image for immers, and the immers-app repo contains docker-compose configuration, configuration script, and deploy instructions. If you prefer to run immers without docker, it can be deployed just like any other NodeJS & MongoDB app.

egjs-view3d - Fast & customizable 3D model viewer for everyone

  •    TypeScript

@egjs/view3d requires one canvas element to be initialized. View3D is available for browsers support webgl.


  •    Javascript

VRController is compatible with Three.js r87 which is the first version to use the new renderer.vr object and was originally submitted to Three.js as pull request #10991 on Saturday, 11 March 2017. Note: that pull request is no longer maintained. Already on a VR rig with a WebVR-capable browser? Just point your browser to https://stewdio.github.io/THREE.VRController/ to experience this code in action.

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