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webview - Tiny cross-platform webview library for C/C++/Golang

  •    C

A tiny cross-platform webview library for C/C++/Golang to build modern cross-platform GUI. Also, there are Rust bindings and Nim bindings available. It supports two-way JavaScript bindings (to call JavaScript from C/C++/Go and to call C/C++/Go from JavaScript).

yaaw - Yet Another Aria2 Webui in pure HTML/CSS/Javascirpt

  •    Javascript

Yet Another Aria2 Web Frontend in pure HTML/CSS/Javascirpt. No HTTP server, backend or server-side program. All you need is just a browser.

pyload - Free and Open Source download manager written in Pure Python and designed to be extremely lightweight, fully customizable and remotely manageable

  •    Python

pyLoad is a free and open source downloader for 1-click-hosting sites. It supports link decryption as well as all important container formats. Targeted for headless NASs it is designed to be extremely lightweight, fully customizable and remotely manageable via web interface. You need at least Python 2.5 to run pyLoad and all of these required libraries, unless shipped with pyLoad. They should be automatically installed when using pip install. The prebuilt pyLoad packages also install these dependencies or have them included, so manual install is only needed when installing pyLoad from source.

MonoTorrent WebUI


MonoTorrent WebUI project brings a web based user interface for this BitTorrent library. The actual UI used is µTorrent's WebUI and the project's main contribution is an adaptor between the two.

linfo - Linfo PHP Server Health Status

  •    PHP

Set $settings['show_errors'] = true; in config.inc.php to yield useful error messages. This project is dedicated to the memory of Eric Looper.

aurora - Cross-platform Beanstalk queue server console.

  •    Go

aurora is a web-based Beanstalk queue server console written in Go and works on macOS, Linux and Windows machines. Main idea behind using Go for backend development is to utilize ability of the compiler to produce zero-dependency binaries for multiple platforms. aurora was created as an attempt to build very simple and portable application to work with local or remote Beanstalk server.Precompiled binaries for supported operating systems are available.

radare2-webui - webui repository for radare2

  •    Javascript

This process will install the proper UI by downloading the latest version available. The Web UIs (/m specifically) are using some tools that require an updated version of node, so if you encounter the following error, you should consider an update.

mqtt-admin - MQTT Web Frontend: Publish, Subscribe and see Topic Status in a comfortable UI

  •    Javascript

MQTT Web Frontend: Publish, Subscribe and see Topic Status in a comfortable UI. mqtt-admin offers 3 tabs, Publish, Subscribe and Status, these are described in more detail below. Topic input fields offer autocompletion, mqtt-admin subscribes # to get all availabe topics to be able to offer this. Broker settings, the UI state, subscriptions and the publish history are persisted in your browser local storage.

rpi-thermometer - WebUI for a Raspberry Pi thermometer

  •    Javascript

WebUI for a Raspberry Pi thermometer writen in Node.js, measurring the temperature in the room. You can use the /measure endpoint to measure the current temperature and automatically write it to a sqlite3 db file. I suggest you add it to cron.

webNUT - Web interface for Network UPS Tools servers

  •    Python

A simple web interface for NUT (Network UPS Tools) servers, built on Pyramid, Bootstrap, and python-nut2. Rename webnut/config.example.py to webnut/config.py and set the variables in that file to reflect your NUT server configuration. Then serve webNUT as you would any Pyramid app, using pserve or through your production-ready server of choice.

bow - Docker Registry Frontend/ Docker Registry UI

  •    Go

What is it and how it works see docker documentation. Bow was tested to work with cesanta/docker_auth in this configuration. The full list of available tags can be found at hub.docker.com.

NetworkManager-WiFi-WebUI - Web interface (python2/twisted) for NetworkManager daemon to manage WiFi connections

  •    Python

Simple web (http/browser) interface for NetworkManager daemon to manage WiFi connections. Designed to work with JS enabled or not, dynamically updating through websockets (though currently xhr-streaming transport is forced, see notes below), http streaming, long-poll, jsonp or whatever other mechanism SockJS supports, if possible.

Photon-WebUI - A modern WebUI for aria2.

  •    Javascript

Photon WebUI is a modern frontend for aria2. For desktop downloader, please have a look at Photon.

happa - Web user interface for Giant Swarm Kubernetes as a Service

  •    Javascript

Happa is intended to be deployed to Giant Swarm control planes and acts as a client to the Giant Swarm API. Happa is a single page JavaScript application using React+Redux and runs in modern browsers.

elkarbackup - Open source backup solution for your network

  •    Javascript

Elkarbackup users can subscribe to our mailing list to receive notifications about new versions or make any question.

snowpack-ui - Web UI for Snowpack : Run & Manage Snowpack projects from the browser.

  •    Javascript

Run & Manage Snowpack projects from the browser instead of the terminal. If you are starting from an empty directory, it will ask you to create a new snowpack project, which in turn requires create-snowpack-app, otherwise you can run tasks and manage an existing Snowpack project.

oraclesolaris-contrib - oraclesolaris-contrib is a repository focussed on the Oracle Solaris 11

  •    Jupyter

The Oracle Solaris 11.4 Operating System brought with it the Solaris Analytics Dashboard, a WebUI interface and additional capabilities to observe and interact with the operating system. This repo contains information on the StatsStore, ways to access it, building custom sheets from the StatsStore data, capturing and retrieving this data for use with 3rd party applications and using the REST interface to interact with the Oracle Solaris OS. Additionally, this repository also includes demos to augment the Oracle Solaris blog while giving an in-depth walkthrough about the features Oracle SPARC and Oracle Solaris has to offer like Database in Memory on SPARC and Deploying FOSS packages on demand. Along with these directories, there are markdowns specific to creating custom templates, important collateral documents, links to blogs as well as a collection of all the resources where you can deep dive into the various features of the Oracle Solaris 11.4 OS and the analytics dashboard.

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