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  •    Javascript

Webtask editor templates.

webtask-tools - Tools to facilitate working in a webtask context.

  •    Javascript

Tools to facilitate working in a webtask context

wtc - Webtask Compilers for use with https://webtask.io

  •    Javascript

A collection of useful webtask compilers for use with Auth0 Webtasks.All you need to use the features below is the webtask CLI.

mfa-monitor - Backendless security monitoring for your MFA enabled services. 🔐

  •    Javascript

Monitor your online applications without worrying about the hosting platform, bills, and servers. Run simple crontab task to oversee the actual state of the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) among different services like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Github, Google, Slack and more. The installation consists of two simple steps. The first one is the NPM dependency installation process and the second one is the MFA monitor configuration.

buildkite-failed-builds-notifier - A Buildkite webhook that sends out an email to people that potentially have failed a build

  •    Javascript

A Buildkite webhook that sends out an email to people that potentially have failed a build. until the build passes, at which the culprits are reset.

webtask-runner - A server that runs WebTasks.

  •    Javascript

Webtasks is a novel approach to implementing backend functionality in your front end application, developed and operated by Auth0. This project implements a simple webtask runtime: a server that can execute webtasks. It is meant as a demonstration of key webtask concepts in a single-tenant development environment. First, clone the repository and run npm install. Then, modify .env file a piaccere and then just run node start.js 💥.

auth0-rules-local-testharness - Run Auth0 rules locally for testing and CI

  •    Javascript

You should write your Auth0 Rules and add them to this project (similar to the /examples/requestbin.js which is an example Auth0 Rule) and then write tests against the new rules you added. This style of usage can be seen in /test/test.sample.js. After your tests have been writen simple run npm i and then npm run test or npm run tdd. See here for further documentation on Auth0 Rules.

webtask-require - require('webtask-require')('hello')

  •    Javascript

Use webtask-require to call your webtasks from the browser using a require-like pattern. Run node.js code without a backend. If you have found a bug or if you have a feature request, please report them at this repository issues section. Please do not report security vulnerabilities on the public GitHub issue tracker. The Responsible Disclosure Program details the procedure for disclosing security issues.

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