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Typeorm - Amazing ORM for TypeScript and JavaScript (ES7, ES6, ES5)

  •    Typescript

TypeORM is an ORM that can run in NodeJS, Browser, Cordova, PhoneGap and Ionic platforms and can be used with TypeScript and JavaScript (ES5, ES6, ES7). Its goal to always support latest JavaScript features and provide features that help you to develop any kind of applications that use databases - from small applications with a few tables to large scale enterprise applications with multiple databases.

IndexedDBShim - A polyfill for IndexedDB using WebSql

  •    Javascript

Important note to those upgrading from version 2: Besides some backward-breaking (though standard-compliant) behavioral fixes (see CHANGES), there are changes coming in version 3 which will also unfortunately cause data stored under version 2 to break. We are not able to provide you with an automated upgrade path, so you will need to either stick with version 2 or migrate users' data yourself to the new SQL storage format (whose changes are considerable; CHANGES also lists these breaking database format changes). We have attempted to anticipate future changes so that for another upgrade, even a major one, old data will hopefully continue to work. However, to be safe, if you are using npm, be sure to specify semver targets in your dependencies properly so as to avoid allowing for automated upgrades to the next major version in case another future upgrade may also need to introduce breaking changes to the data format, thereby breaking old data. Use a single, indexable, offline storage API across all desktop and mobile browsers and Node.js.

localForage - 💾 Offline storage, improved

  •    Javascript

localForage is a fast and simple storage library for JavaScript. localForage improves the offline experience of your web app by using asynchronous storage (IndexedDB or WebSQL) with a simple, localStorage-like API. localForage uses localStorage in browsers with no IndexedDB or WebSQL support. See the wiki for detailed compatibility info.

minimongo - Client-side in-memory mongodb backed by localstorage with server sync over http

  •    CoffeeScript

A client-side MongoDB implementation which supports basic queries, including some geospatial ones. Uses code from Meteor.js minimongo package, reworked to support more geospatial queries and made npm+browserify friendly. It was forked in January 2014.

LargeLocalStorage - Problem: You need to store a large amount of key-value based data in IE, Chrome, Safari, AND Firefox

  •    Javascript

Problem: You need a large key-value store in the browser. LargeLocalStorage bridges all of that to give you a large capacity (up to several GB when authorized by the user) key-value store in the browser (IE 10, Chrome, Safari 6+, Firefox, Opera).

angular-localForage - Angular service & directive for https://github

  •    Javascript

Angular service & directive for https://github.com/mozilla/localForage (Offline storage, improved.)

ydn-db - Javascript database module for Indexeddb, Web SQL and localStorage storage mechanisms supporting version migration, advanced query, SQL and transaction

  •    Javascript

Javascript database library for IndexedDB, WebDatabase (WebSQL) and WebStorage (localStorage) storage mechanisms supporting version migration, advanced query and transaction workflow.

cordova-plugin-sqlite-2 - Native SQLite database API for Cordova/PhoneGap/Ionic, modeled after WebSQL

  •    Javascript

A rewrite/fork of the Cordova SQLite Plugin. In most cases, it should be a drop-in replacement. Note: if you can avoid using this plugin in favor of IndexedDB (or regular WebSQL), then you should. Performance, browser support, and future prospects are all better in IndexedDB. Please see goals and non-goals for more explanation.

node-websql - The WebSQL Database API, implemented for Node.js

  •    Javascript

The WebSQL Database API, implemented for Node using sqlite3. In the browser, it falls back to window.openDatabase. The name is the name of the database. It's passed verbatim to sqlite3.

websqldump - An ultra-light JS library for exporting data out of WebSQL

  •    Javascript

No JavaScript library dependencies. Requires browser with HTML5 WebSql support (such as WebKit browsers like chrome and safari) or equivalent openDatabase polyfill. You will need to create some tables and enter data in order for the demo to become meaningful.

WebSQL-to-IndexedDB-example - Todo list example to show how to convert WebSQL to IndexedDB

  •    HTML

Few simple example that show you the power of both indexedDB and WebSQL. The main.html part is taking two examples of the same code (more or less). Both show how to work with WebSQL and indexedDB in order to save data in the client side. (!) Please note that since November 18, 2010, the W3C announced that Web SQL database is a deprecated specification. This is a recommendation for web developers to no longer use the technology as effectively the spec will receive no new updates and browser vendors aren't encouraged to support this technology. Many major browsers including Chrome, Safari, Opera and nearly all Webkit based mobile devices support WebSQL, however, if you are going to start a new project and/or you wish to have your code running with the new version of client side database (that will receive updates and improvements) you should implement indexedDB as your client side DB.


  •    Javascript

Written in Plain Old JavaScript without any framework dependencies, you can use this with AngularJS, React, Jquery, Mootools, Zepto, Ember, or whatever your framework drug of choice is. In software engineering, the active record pattern is an architectural pattern found in software that stores in-memory object data in relational databases. It was named by Martin Fowler in his 2003 book Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture.[1] The interface of an object conforming to this pattern would include functions such as Insert, Update, and Delete, plus properties that correspond more or less directly to the columns in the underlying database table.

webdb - A jQuery and JavaScript plugin which make it easy to use WebSQL feature of HTML5

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript plugin which make it easy to use WebSQL feature of HTML5. If you are not using this cool HTML5 feature just because it is hard to use then this plugin is for you. AJAX like calls to perform SQL actions. WebSQL API has been deprecated by W3C and is no longer maintained. Browsers's support may drop in future. I'd highly recommend you switch to better solution like ChotaDB.

cordova-sqlite-porter - Cordova/Phonegap plugin to import/export a SQLite database using either SQL or JSON

  •    Javascript

This Cordova/Phonegap plugin can be used to import/export to/from a SQLite database using either SQL or JSON. I dedicate a considerable amount of my free time to developing and maintaining this Cordova plugin, along with my other Open Source software. To help ensure this plugin is kept updated, new features are added and bugfixes are implemented quickly, please donate a couple of dollars (or a little more if you can stretch) as this will help me to afford to dedicate time to its maintenance. Please consider donating if you're using this plugin in an app that makes you money, if you're being paid to make the app, if you're asking for new features or priority bug fixes.

localForage-backbone - Backbone.js driver for the localForage offline storage library

  •    Javascript

Backbone.js driver for the localForage offline storage library. This library is only about overriding Backbone.sync, which means that calling collection.remove(model) won't update the offline storage.

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