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Rest.li - REST+JSON framework

Rest.li is a REST+JSON framework for building robust, scalable service architectures using dynamic discovery and simple asynchronous APIs. Rest.li fills a niche for building RESTful service architectures at scale, offering a developer workflow for defining data and REST APIs that promotes uniform interfaces, consistent data modeling, type-safety, and compatibility checked API evolution.

ServiceStack.NET - Opensource .NET and Mono REST Web Services framework

ServiceStack is an open source web services framework designed to be an alternative to the WCF, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Web API frameworks. It supports REST and SOAP endpoints, autoconfiguration of data formats, inversion of control containers, object-relational mapping, caching mechanisms, and much more.

Job Scheduler

The Job Scheduler is used for automation - for example, process automation using the free database systems MySQL, PostgreSQL or Firebird or using SQL Server, Oracle or DB2. You can use the Job Scheduler to launch executable files and shell scripts and to run database procedures automatically. Jobs are configurable as Web Services providing interoperability with enterprise applications.


Taskforest is a simple but expressive open-source job scheduler that allows you to chain jobs/tasks and create time dependencies. It uses text config files to specify task dependencies. It has built-in RESTful web service.

otrs - OTRS is one of the most flexible web-based ticketing systems used for Customer Service, Help Desk, IT Service Management

You can find a list of features in the online documentation. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License - see the accompanying COPYING file for more details.

Playstation Network API

API do collect information like trophies, games, level about Playstation Network users.

NameDay Webservice

This is a webservice about the namedays in some countries. It is able to tell the name of today, or spec date, or when will be.

LPFM Last.fm Scrobbler

LPFM Last.fm Scrobbler is a simple .NET API library for scrobbling to the Last.fm web service. It is designed for desktop, web and mobile applications that target the .NET 4 Framework. The library supports the Scrobble and Now Playing functionality of the Last.fm API version 2.0

JSDL - JSON Service Description Language

JSDL is a JSON-based interface description language that is used for describing the functionality offered by a (JSON) HTTP web service.

QlikView Extension - Call EDX Tasks from Ajax-/Web-Client

A QlikView object extension to enable users to call an EDX tasks using only the Ajax client.

RESTful RIA Templates

RESTful RIA Templates is a small library of T4 code generation templates that make it easy to create RESTful WCF web services as well as consuming jQuery and Silverlight client proxies using JSON and XML respectively.


The Quicklight project that allows a developer to write anything from Rich Internet Applications to Apps for mobile phones using C# and HTML based Razor views

WADL - RESTful WCF Services Client Code Generation Utility

*Web Application Description Language Tool (Wadl.exe) The Web Application Description Language tool generates code for RESTFul Web services and RESTFul Web service clients from WADL contract files. A .wadl file is an XML document written in an XML grammar called Web Applicat...

web services .net

Test for backend developer Aranda. ASP .NET API web services implemented.

Geocoder Toolkit

Basic server side GeoCoder and Reverse Geocoder which uses Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Developed in c# with JQuery to follow. Includes tests which should be used to check if the libraries still work, it's worth doing this as the consumed webservices may change from time to time.

BlogEngine Daily Quote Widget

Widget that pulls a random daily quote and displays it on your instance of BlogEngine.Net.