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identity_cache - IdentityCache is a blob level caching solution to plug into ActiveRecord

  •    Ruby

Opt in read through ActiveRecord caching used in production and extracted from Shopify. IdentityCache lets you specify how you want to cache your model objects, at the model level, and adds a number of convenience methods for accessing those objects through the cache. Memcached is used as the backend cache store, and the database is only hit when a copy of the object cannot be found in Memcached.IdentityCache keeps track of the objects that have cached indexes and uses an after_commit hook to expire those objects, and any up the tree, when they are changed.

semian - :monkey: Resiliency toolkit for Ruby for failing fast

  •    Ruby

Semian is a library for controlling access to slow or unresponsive external services to avoid cascading failures.Resource drivers are monkey-patched to be aware of Semian, these are called Semian Adapters. Thus, every time resource access is requested Semian is queried for status on the resource first. If Semian, through the patterns above, deems the resource to be unavailable it will raise an exception. The ultimate outcome of Semian is always an exception that can then be rescued for a graceful fallback. Instead of waiting for the timeout, Semian raises straight away.

jmc - jmc - a new macOS media organizer

  •    Swift

jmc is a fast, elegant and powerful media manager for macOS. jmc aims to give you the power and functionality associated with hackable media managers like foobar2000 with the elegance and simplicity of a well-designed platform-native macOS application. jmc is written completely in Swift, is completely open-source, and runs on OS X (macOS) 10.10 and above.

nopejs - Just say nope

  •    Javascript

NopeJS says "Nope!" to the JS and stops execution.

why - webkit in the cloud

  •    Javascript

Off-load expensive rendering operations to your back-end cloud servers, using the magic of nodejs. Never again will you suffer from cross-browser inconsistencies, with this powerful application server (or "app server", if you prefer), all users, everywhere, get an 100% equal rendered page.

infinite-monkey-db - The eventually-correct database!

  •    Javascript

This is definitely* the database you're been looking for.

app_profiler - Collect performance profiles for your Rails application.

  •    Ruby

Profiling is critical to providing an understanding of an application's performance. AppProfiler aims to provide a common framework for performance profiling for Rails applications.

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