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burnside - Fast and Reliable E2E Web Testing with only Javascript

  •    Javascript

Burnside is an easy to use, modular, and extendable End to End (E2E) testing tool. Burnside leverages the flexibility of JavaScript and the power of modern Browser APIs to inject logic and scripting into your website, without the slowdown of networking for every individual command. Burnside is a modular ecosystem based on a core that runs inside of a Browser. The CLI bundles Karma and Webpack to load your tests within Chrome, but you can use Burnside's core with any Test Runner you'd like to set up.

create-cep-extension - A near zero config approach to creating CEP extensions with Webpack and React

  •    Javascript

Notice: I encourage you to check out parcel-cep-plugin. It's a more maintainable approach to the same problem that has a much smaller codebase than a fork create-react-app ever will. Parcel also has many benefits that should be enticing enough to consider switching. Create CEP Extensions with no build configuration. Closely matches functionality from Create React App.

antd-scss-theme-plugin - A Webpack plugin for customizing Ant Design with an SCSS theme file and using Ant Design's compiled variables in SCSS files throughout your project

  •    Javascript

📖 For a more detailed overview of the plugin and its usage, check out the Using Ant Design in Sass-Styled Projects article on Intoli's blog. To use antd-scss-theme-plugin, you need to configure Ant Design to use Less stylesheets when loading components, and to connect a few loaders with the plugin in your Webpack setup. You can find a fully configured project in the example directory.

magnet - ✨ A modern approach for async microservices in node.js

  •    Javascript

To run your application in production use npm start instead and Magnet will serve your application optimized for production. If you need examples of magnet usage, you can access othe examples on its repository folder.

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