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svg-sprite-loader - Webpack loader for creating SVG sprites.

  •    Javascript

Webpack loader for creating SVG sprites. 🎉 2.0 is out, please read the migration guide & overview.

webpack-book - From apprentice to master (CC BY-NC-ND)

  •    Javascript

IMPORTANT! If you want to support the development of this book, you can purchase a copy at Leanpub. A part (~30%) of the proceedings will go directly to the author of webpack to support its development. Webpack, a module bundler, solves a significant problem for web developers. It can be daunting to learn but once you grok it, life gets easier. The purpose of this book is to make it easier to pick up the tool while learning more advanced techniques as well. You can read the book online.

Lepton - 💻 Democratizing Snippet Management (macOS/Win/Linux)

  •    Javascript

Lepton is a lean code snippet manager based on GitHub Gist. Check out its latest release. Check out the .leptonrc template to explore different customization options.

svg-sprite-loader - Webpack loader for creating SVG sprites.

  •    Javascript

Webpack loader for creating SVG sprites. 🎉 2.0 is out, please read the migration guide & overview.

vue-webpack-typescript - A Vue, Webpack, Typescript, Bootstrap setup with hot reload, dynamic imports, unit testing, code coverage, sass, uncss and bundling/minification

  •    TypeScript

A Vue 2.5, Webpack 3.10, Typescript 2.7, Bootstrap 4.0 setup with hot reload, dynamic imports, unit testing, code coverage, sass and bundling/minification. See the changelog for updates.

augur-ui - Augur UI

  •    Javascript

Augur is a decentralized prediction market platform built on Ethereum. It runs locally in your browser and communicates directly with the ethereum network, without going through intermediate servers. After putting in your passphrase you will get your address. You can get your secret/private key and import into metamask and connect to augur UI. Location of keystore file depends on os. ie. ~/Library/Ethereum/rinkeby/keystore/<'UTC--timestamp--account hash'>. This file can be used to extract private key. Instructions are beyond the scope of this readme.

preact-starter - Webpack3 boilerplate for building SPA / PWA / offline front-end apps with Preact

  •    Javascript

Using preact-starter will kickstart your next application! 💯 It is designed to fit the "90% use-case" for those who want to build offline-first web apps (see features below).

minimal-react-webpack-babel-setup - The minimal React, Webpack, Babel Setup

  •    Javascript

The minimal React, Webpack, Babel Setup. You want to get beyond create-react-app? Read this tutorial how to setup your own boilerplate project.

nativescript-dev-webpack - A package to help with webpacking NativeScript apps.

  •    Javascript

A package to help with webpacking NativeScript apps.For details, see the NativeScript docs.

particle - A starting place for using the prototyping tool, Pattern Lab, in tandem with a Drupal theme

  •    CSS

Download this repo, rename folder to patternlab and place in themes directory if integrating with Drupal 8, and then cd into folder before running below commands. To name it something else, see docs/setup.md. That's it.

GemsAssetsWebpackBridge - It helps to build a bridge from ruby gems' assets to Webpack

  •    Ruby

This Rails gem helps to build a bridge from assets in your ruby gems to Webpack. This gem helps to collect paths to assets' folders in gems and adds some aliases for Webpack to help it to find assets in classic Rails gems.

aden - :seedling: Automated Server for the Web

  •    Javascript

Automated Server for the Web. Aden lets you create static or dynamic sites using a framework of your choice (like React, Inferno, Angular, Vue).

helloFront - Boilerplate SCSS / PUG / ES6

  •    HTML

Boilerplate SCSS / PUG / ES6 for clean and fast Front-end project. Work on src/ folder and gulp build in dist/.

vuejs2-typescript-starter - VueJS2 starter with Typescript, Webpack, code-splitting, unit tests (karma) & code coverage with ASP

  •    Vue

so the base for this project is the ASP.NET Core vue SPA template that ships with 2.0 of ASP.NET core. Got rid of awesome-typescript-loader and got back ts-loader which lets you import .vue components easily.

relay-compiler-webpack-plugin - Automatically run the Relay Compiler from Webpack

  •    Javascript

Well be annoyed no more! Simply install this plugin to automatically hook into Webpack's build process to generate these files for you. If there are multiple versions of GraphQL in your dependency tree it will cause schema validation errors. To get around this, ensure you have the same graphql version as your relay-compiler version depends on. To assist this you can install dependencies as flat which ensures only one version of each dependency.

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