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webpack.js.org - New repository for webpack documentation and more!

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Guides, documentation, and all things webpack.We haven't created issues for the other sections yet, but they will be coming soon. For dev-related work please see General - Current Longterm Plan, which will soon be replaced by a more dev-specific issue.

svg-sprite-loader - Webpack loader for creating SVG sprites.

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Webpack loader for creating SVG sprites. 🎉 2.0 is out, please read the migration guide & overview.

daemon-command-webpack-plugin - Run and restart npm commands after emit file webpack builds

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Use cwd to specify the working directory from which the process is spawned. If not given, the default is to inherit the current working directory. Use env to specify environment variables that will be visible to the new process, the default is process.env.

html-res-webpack-plugin - plugin for generating html in webpack

  •    Javascript

I rencently notice that webpack is based itself on chunks. Therefore, writing plugin logic based on chunk may be adaptable to the core and sprite of webpack. In webpack, the basic element is chunks. The values in entry of webpack config are chunks. For instance, index and detail in the following entry config are chunks' names; In most cases, chunk is a js file. But if you require stylesheet or other files in js, a js chunk will include not only js file but also the files you require.

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