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webpack.js.org - New repository for webpack documentation and more!

  •    Javascript

Guides, documentation, and all things webpack.We haven't created issues for the other sections yet, but they will be coming soon. For dev-related work please see General - Current Longterm Plan, which will soon be replaced by a more dev-specific issue.

workerize-loader - 🏗️ Automatically move a module into a Web Worker (Webpack loader)

  •    Javascript

A webpack loader that moves a module and its dependencies into a Web Worker, automatically reflecting exported functions as asynchronous proxies.

svg-sprite-loader - Webpack loader for creating SVG sprites.

  •    Javascript

Webpack loader for creating SVG sprites. 🎉 2.0 is out, please read the migration guide & overview.

stylos - Webpack plugin to automatically generate and inject CSS utilities to your application

  •    Javascript

Webpack plugin that automatically generates and injects CSS utilities to your application. Stylos is a Webpack plugin that automatically generates and injects CSS utilities into your application. All you have to do is specify utility classes on DOM elements; webpack will identify and generate the properties with relevant values and inject them to your application.

htmlhint-loader - A webpack loader for htmlhint

  •    Javascript

A path to a json file containing the set of htmlhint rules you would like applied to this project. By default all rules are turned off and it is up to you to enable them. The function is called with an array of messages direct for htmlhint and must return a string.

imagemin-webpack - Webpack loader and plugin to compress images using imagemin

  •    Javascript

Plugin and Loader for webpack to optimize (compress) all images using imagemin. Do not worry about size of images, now they are always optimized/compressed. No extra dependencies (imagemin-gifsicle, imagemin-pngquant) in dependencies section into package.json. You decide for yourself what plugins to use.

svg-sprite-webpack-plugin - Webpack plugin for loading/extracting SVGs into a sprite file

  •    Javascript

A webpack plugin/loader to make SVG <use>-based icon systems easy in Webpack. Creates an SVG sprite with <symbol> tags from imported SVG files, and returns a URL to be passed to an SVG <use> tag. Uses kisenka's svg-sprite-loader for internal transformations (from standalone SVG file to <symbol> tag). If you're using the webpack-dev-server, it's advised to not use this plugin, and instead go directly to svg-sprite-loader.

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