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redux-webpack-es6-boilerplate - A starter project for modern React apps with Redux

  •    Javascript

Note: If you still want to use a previous version, please checkout old-original-structure branch. A boilerplate using the power and simplicity of React, Redux, Webpack 2 + HMR, and ES6 + JSX via Babel. Includes Webpack's Tree Shaking configuration. It's suitable for scalable applications and organized using the custom variation of the Ducks pattern — approach when each module's entry file (feature-name.js) contains all of its related constants, actions/action creators, selectors and its reducer.

koa-webpack-middleware - webpack dev&hot middleware for koa2

  •    Javascript

webpack-dev-middleware for koa2 with HMR(hot module replacement) supports. See example/ for an example of usage.