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webpack-recipes - A collection of webpack configurations

  •    Javascript

Setup a simple webpack-dev-server example, that provides you with a server and live reloading.

preact-minimal - 🚀 Minimal preact structure

  •    Javascript

Minimal preact structure. But when you have an idea and want to start coding right away, then it becomes really hard and time consuming to setup and have your application ready to start your development.

webpack-mix - Elegant wrapper around Webpack for the 80% use cases.

  •    Javascript

Webpack Mix provides a clean, fluent API for defining basic Webpack build steps for your application. Mix supports several common CSS and JavaScript pre-processors. You may review the initial documentation here on GitHub.

skeleton-loader - Loader module for webpack to execute your custom procedure

  •    Javascript

Loader module for webpack to execute your custom procedure. It works as your custom loader. By default, skeleton-loader only outputs the input content. When you specify a function, skeleton-loader executes your function with the input content, and outputs its result. The function does something, it might edit the content, it might parse the content and indicate something in a console, it might do anything else.

config-loader - A loader for webpack configuration files

  •    Javascript

A webpack configuration loader. This module utilizes cosmiconfig which supports declaring a webpack configuration in a number of different file formats including; .webpackrc, webpack.config.js, and a webpack property in a package.json.

webpack-partial - Partial webpack configuration.

  •    Javascript

Intelligently compose webpack configuration files. Making webpack configurations composable is tricky. So we provide several helpers to ease the composition process. Each helper is of the form (arg1, arg2, ..., webpackConfig). All functions are curried and the last argument is always a webpack configuration object allowing you to chain helpers together easily with compose (or flow).

lambda-typescript-webpack-babel-starter - This project demonstrates how to write, test, and package AWS Lambda functions using TypeScript, webpack, and babel

  •    TypeScript

AWS Lambda: AWS Lambda allows developers to deploy packages of executable JavaScript code to the AWS infrastructure and make it executable without having to worry about managing servers. webpack: webpack is used to create optimized bundles from JavaScript code that leverage ES6 modules.

tiny-universal-skeleton - Alternative approach to HMR for both server with SSR and client in development

  •    Javascript

Main problem: sync server middlewares with client and don't lose power of webpack-(dev|hot)-middleware. Your server has middleware that checks is a user logged in and use this info later for SSR.

webpack-config - Webpack 4 configuration for static projects...

  •    Javascript

This is my personal webpack v4 configuration, that I am using for small static projects. Feel free to contribute, improve or use it for your projects.