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Telegraph - Telegraph is an API for sending Webmentions

  •    CSS

Telegraph is an API for sending Webmentions. Fork and clone this repo.

webmention.io - Easily enable webmentions and pingbacks on any web page

  •    Ruby

This project is an implementation of the Webmention and Pingback protocols. It allows the receiving service to be run separately from the blogging software or website environment, making it easier to manage and integrate with other services. This is useful for retrieving mentions from a post if you've changed the URL.

webmention.rocks - a webmention validator and test suite

  •    PHP

Webmention Rocks! is a validator to help you test your Webmention implementation. Several kinds of tests are available on the site. This software uses Redis to cache responses, so make sure you have Redis installed locally, or point it to a remote Redis server in the config file.

lazymention - Support WebSub and Webmention on a static site

  •    Javascript

lazymention is a daemon that you run on a server. When you publish to your static IndieWeb site, you ping lazymention, and it will poll your site, parse the microformats2 markup, and send Webmentions and WebSub notifications for content it hasn't seen before. Webmention functionality is currently done. WebSub is planned for the future.

node-webmention-testpinger - A tool to ping your site with a variety of real world WebMentions

  •    HTML

A tool to ping your site with a variety of WebMentions markup. Contains copies of a couple of real world examples of mentions that it enables you to ping locally to a development copy of your site. This tool will spin up a server on port 8080 and then ping the specified WebMentions hub with a URL to that server or each real world example which will return a copy of that example with a placeholder URL replaced with the requested mention target. After all pinged mentions has been fetched it will shut down the server and finish its execution.

webpage-webmentions - A hosted Disqus-like comment service that enables WebMention receiving on any kind of site

  •    Javascript

A site that receives and embeds WebMentions for other sites. makes the WebMentions embeddable through a javascript, similar to how eg. Disqus works. A live deploy of this can be found on webmention.herokuapp.com. One can also sign up to that one rather than deploying ones own if one likes.

nicolas-hoizey.com - The personal website/blog from Nicolas Hoizey

  •    HTML

See implementation details —in french— in https://nicolas-hoizey.com/a-propos/du-site.html. Open sourced under the MIT license.

webmentions - An API of helper function for providing and consuming webmentions

  •    Javascript

Webmentions are an interesting method of notify another site that a comment/post on your own site is written in response to a post on their site. The site receiving the webmention notification can then verify the request and gather the message adding into a conversation flow in their post. You can read more about webmention on the indiewebcamp site. Add once its mature enough to put on NPM.

mention-client-php - Client library for sending webmention and pingback notifications

  •    HTML

Client library for sending webmention and pingback notifications. Given one of your source URLs, this function will find links on the page, discover the webmention and pingback endpoints for each, and send mentions for any it discovers.

webmention-client-ruby - A Ruby gem for sending webmention and pingback notifications.

  •    Ruby

A Ruby gem for sending Webmention and Pingback notifications. Before installing and using webmention-client-ruby, you'll want to have Ruby 2.4 (or newer) installed. It's recommended that you use a Ruby version managment tool like rbenv, chruby, or rvm.

wordpress-indieweb-press-this - some IndieWeb magic for WordPress' "press this" bookmarklet

  •    PHP

IndieWebified Press This bookmarklets. It requires the Press This plugin for WordPress with Bookmarklet support as of WordPress 4.9, when Press This was removed from WordPress.

pwa_jekyll - Jekyll + PWA + IndieWeb

  •    HTML

A simple Jekyll starter with PWA functionality baked in. This includes a manifest.json file and a sw.js file that caches an app shell. Basic support for IndieWeb Blogging is included, including an RSS feed. Displaying webmentions is included as well but requires a few extra steps to set up. If things got weird or didn't work as expected please open an issue and I'll try to help.

webmention - Webmention Plugin for Craft CMS

  •    PHP

This plugin provides a Webmention endpoint for Craft CMS and allows for sending Webmentions to other sites. The plugin comes with a „human-friendly“ endpoint that will present a form with input fields for source and target to users visiting your site's endoint route. The Twig template for the Webmention endpoint will extend your standard template and is copied to craft/templates/webmention/_index.html on install. You can then adjust the template to your needs. Note: Even if you define a different route for the endpoint, the plugin will still look for the template in this folder.