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leaflet-ng2 - Angular 2++ integration of Leaflet

  •    TypeScript

YAGA leaflet-ng2 is a granular implementation of the popular Leaflet framework into the model view view controller (MVVC) of Angular2 and it is fully compatible with the newest version of Angular 5. It provides a directive for every Leaflet class that belongs to the user interface by inheriting the original Leaflet class and enhancing it with the decorators of Angular and glue-code. With this approach the directives are still extensible and it is possible to write the structure of an app in a descriptive way in a well known markup language, HTML5. This is why you mainly need HTML skills for creating a template based geo-app with leaflet-ng2. It is easy to enhance this library with one’s own Angular modules, because of its modular structure. It is even possible to use the already existing Leaflet plugins on top, because the implementation also detects changes that were made in Leaflet and bind them to Angular’s data model.