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play-angular-require-seed - Seed Application for Playframework 2, RequireJS, WebJars, and AngularJS 1

  •    CSS

Please note that this seed uses Angular 1.x and will not be updated for newer versions of Angular. I might create a new seed in the future, but personally I prefer using Scala.js with React. This template application shows how to organize your application with Playframework 2, WebJars, RequireJS and AngularJS.

less4clj - Clojure compiler for Less, for Lein and Boot, using Less4j

  •    Clojure

Clojure wrapper for Less4j Java implementation of Less compiler. This repository also contains Boot and Leiningen tasks. Semantic-UI needs theme.config file in your project. Add this file to your classpath under path META-INF/resources/webjars/semantic-ui/2.2.10/src/theme.config, e.g under resources/ folder.

sass4clj - Clojure compiler for SASS, for Lein and Boot, using Libsass Java wrapper

  •    Clojure

Clojure wrapper for jsass JNA wrapper for Libsass. This repository also contains Boot and Leiningen tasks. To disable this add a no operation logger to your project. As this is only required on build phase, you can use :scope "test" so that the dependency is not transitive and is not included in uberjar. Alternatively you can add this dependency to your Leiningen dev profile.