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twgl.js - A Tiny WebGL helper Library

  •    Javascript

This library's sole purpose is to make using the WebGL API less verbose. If you want to get stuff done use three.js. If you want to do stuff low-level with WebGL consider using TWGL.

keras-js - Run Keras models in the browser, with GPU support using WebGL

  •    Javascript

**This project is no longer active. Please check out TensorFlow.js.** The Keras.js demos still work but is no longer updated. Run Keras models in the browser, with GPU support provided by WebGL 2. Models can be run in Node.js as well, but only in CPU mode. Because Keras abstracts away a number of frameworks as backends, the models can be trained in any backend, including TensorFlow, CNTK, etc.

react-ape - 🦍• [Work in Progress] React Renderer to build UI interfaces using canvas/WebGL

  •    Javascript

React Renderer to build UI interfaces using canvas/WebGL. React Ape is a react renderer to build UI interfaces using canvas/WebGL. React Ape was built to be an optional React-TV renderer. It's mainly a renderer focused on creating things for TV, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, PS3 and low memory devices. If you're curious about the name: It's a "joke" with Netflix's React Gibbon renderer. I choose to use Ape then.

engine - Fast and lightweight WebGL game engine

  •    Javascript

PlayCanvas is an open-source game engine. It uses HTML5 and WebGL to run games and other interactive 3D content in all modern browsers without the need for a plugin. You can see more games on the PlayCanvas website.

detect-gpu - Classifies GPUs based on their 3D rendering benchmark score allowing the developer to provide sensible default settings for graphically intensive applications

  •    TypeScript

Classifies GPUs based on their 3D rendering benchmark score allowing the developer to provide sensible default settings for graphically intensive applications. Think of it like a user-agent detection for the GPU but more powerful. By default we use the UNPKG CDN to host the benchmark data. If you would like to serve the benchmark data yourself download the required benchmarking data from benchmarks.tar.gz and serve it from a public directory.

picogl.js - A minimal WebGL 2 rendering library

  •    Javascript

PicoGL.js is minimal WebGL 2 rendering library. It's meant for developers who understand the WebGL 2 rendering pipeline and want to use it, but with a more convenient API. Typical usage of PicoGL.js will involve creating programs, vertex buffers, vertex arrays, uniform buffers, framebuffers, textures, transform feedbacks, and combining them into draw calls. Note that PicoGL.js is not a scene graph library. There are no objects, hierarchies, transforms, materials, etc. It has been designed only to make management of GPU state more convenient. Its conceptual model maps fairly directly to the constructs one deals with when writing directly with the WebGL 2 API. The only higher-level construct is the draw call, which manages sets of related lower-level constructs.

webgl2-fundamentals - WebGL 2 lessons starting from the basics

  •    HTML

This is a series of lessons or tutorials about WebGL2. Unlike most WebGL lessons these are not based off of OpenGL. OpenGL is 20 years old. The lessons of OpenGL don't match well with WebGL. The APIs have changed too much. The ideas of OpenGL and OpenGL tutorials are out of date with WebGL, OpenGL ES 3.0 and the land of shaders.

Website - Main babylon.js website

  •    Javascript

www.babylonjs.com site."License" shall mean the terms and conditions for use, reproduction, and distribution as defined by Sections 1 through 9 of this document.

glsl-100-to-300 - transpiles GLSL tokens from v100 to v300 es

  •    Javascript

Transpile GLSL source tokens from version "100" (WebGL1) to "300 es" (WebGL2).The resulting WebGL2 shader.

curl.lib.js - IOTA Proof-of-Work algorithm ported to Javascript to work in WebGL2-enabled browsers

  •    Javascript

Include dist/curl.min.js in your browser, and you'll find the curl object available in the window space.

dw-webgl-sketchbook - Webgl Experiments

  •    Javascript

Showroom for my Webgl Experiments. The demos require a browser that supports webgl2.

webgl2-voxels - WebGL2 experiment with boxels/voxels

  •    Javascript

By @mrspeaker. It's a voxel-boxel-o-rama! Test it out in browser (Requires native JavaScript module support. If you're in Firefox it's not on by default until the stable release of v60 in May 2018. Enable it now in about:config under key dom.moduleScripts.enabled). There's no goal or anything at the moment - just rendering some chunks (with some nice ambient occlusion). I think I'll make it a multiplayer fortnite-y thing. But more voxel-ish and most likely more weird.

lowww - lowww webgl2 rendering engine

  •    Javascript

lowww is a WebGL 2.0 Javascript 3D engine. This is an experimental project focused in the advantages of WebGL 2.0 and GLSL ES 3.0. It falls back to WebGL for devices that don't yet support WebGL 2.0. This is a monorepo where all packages are separated in the packages/ folder and they can be imported independently as a npm module. There are several npm scripts to allow you to build each module independently.

webgl2examples - Rendering algorithms implemented in raw WebGL 2.

  •    HTML

Rendering algorithms implemented in raw WebGL 2. All examples are implemented in a single HTML file with minimal use of functions, modules, classes or other abstractions. The goal is to allow the reader to easily see, in sequential order, all GL calls that are made.

playcanvas-ar - Fast and Easy Augmented Reality for the Web :rocket:

  •    Javascript

But if you want to create something more interactive, you can call on the full power of the PlayCanvas scripting API. Before you begin, print out the following markers: Hiro and Kanji.

playcanvas-gltf - glTF 2.0 support for the PlayCanvas Engine

  •    Javascript

The loader script returns a pc.Model structure. It can be used with the standalone Engine or in conjunction with the PlayCanvas Editor. To see an example of using the loader with the Engine, check out the viewer app in this repo.

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