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Botkit - Building Blocks for Building Bots

  •    Javascript

Botkit is the leading developer tool for building chat bots, apps and custom integrations for major messaging platforms. Botkit works with all the NLP services (like Microsoft LUIS and IBM Watson), can use any type of database you want, and runs on almost any hosting platform.

slack-webex-plugin - Launch a Webex Personal Room or other type of meeting from Slack similar to Google Hangouts

  •    Javascript

Webex integration with slack. Write your own configuration file (config-example.js) is a good starting point for building your own.

webex-teams-archiver - Simple utility to archive Webex Teams rooms

  •    Python

Webex Teams Archiver extracts the messages and files out of a Webex Teams room and saves them in text, HTML, and JSON formats. Below is an example of a simple room that got archived.

webex-api-client - A node module to simplify interacting with Cisco WebEx XML-based APIs from the browser or server

  •    Javascript

Due to the extent of the XML WebEx APIs, this repository is no longer being actively developed, and is given to be used "as-is". However, the innovation edge team will continue to take additional pull-request for fixes or new features, but we appologize for the inconvenience. The nature of XML-based WebEx APIs requires the construction of many intricate XML elements, which can be tediuous to build in a robust, succinct fashion. The webex-api-client alleviates these pain points through a Builder that provides flatter and simplified objects to be used for XML construction. In addition, the client offers some level of validation for enumerated types, required properties, and value constraints to help prevent malformed request prior to being sent to the WebEx services.

node-sparkbot - Node.js library to build Webex Teams Bots and experiment Webhooks

  •    Javascript

This project focusses on the framework itself and its testing companions. If you're looking for ready-to-run Chatbots built with the library, jump to the node-sparkbot-samples repo.

webexteamssdk - Work with the Webex Teams APIs in native Python!

  •    Python

Looking for ``ciscosparkapi``? You are in the right place. ciscosparkapi is now webexteamssdk! It still has all of the native and natural Webex Teams Python functionality that you love and now we have made room for even more functionality to be added in the future. We will maintain the ciscosparkapi package (bug fixes, etc.) in the ciscosparkapi branch of this repository and continue to publish package updates with these fixes to PyPI (through the;nd of 2019). Maintaining the ciscosparkapi package should keep your code and projects up and running while giving you 12+ months to migrate your code to the new webexteamssdk library.

botkit-webex-samples - Chatbot samples for Webex Teams built with Botkit

  •    Javascript

We suggest you start with the HelloWorld bot sample below. Simplest bot you can code: echo a message with a mention of the Webex Teams user who mentionned the bot.

spinc - Spark In Console - Cisco (WebEx)Spark Client for Linux/MacOS

  •    Go

This is a Cisco Spark (now called WebEx) chat client for use in console. Written in GO that works in MacOS and Linux. This client uses about 15MB RAM compared to the official client that uses 500MB - 1000MB RAM. However, this client currently only support chats (not file-share, video-chat etc).