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duckrails - A development tool to quickly & dynamically mock API endpoints

  •    Ruby

DuckRails is a development tool. Its main purpose is to allow developers to quickly mock API endpoints that for many possible reasons they can't reach at a specific time.

cdnjs - Free and Open Source Web front-end resource CDN

  •    Javascript

CDNJS is a free and open source project to organize and provide popular front-end web development resources to developers via a fast CDN infrastructure without usage limitations and fees. We want to help individual library/framework developers distribute their projects, and web developers supercharge their websites! With our great free CDN service, developers can focus on their projects and website development. Developers no longer have to spend time worrying about how to set-up a CDN for projects or website assets. We hope to make web development easier, as well as your websites and the WWW faster and safer.

lowdefy - An open-source, self-hosted, low-code framework to build internal tools, web apps, admin panels, BI dashboards, workflows, and CRUD apps with YAML or JSON

  •    Javascript

Lowdefy is an open-source (Apache-2.0) low-code framework that lets you build web apps with YAML or JSON configuration files. It is great for building admin panels, BI dashboards, workflows, and CRUD apps. We are working on expanding the list of connections, and you can vote for the ones you need here.

Budibase - Low code platform that helps IT professionals build, automate and self-host internal tools in minutes

  •    Javascript

Budibase is an open-source low-code platform, helping developers and IT professionals build, automate, and ship internal tools on their own infrastructure in minutes. Build and ship real software. Unlike other platforms, with Budibase you build and ship single page applications. Budibase applications have performance baked in and can be designed responsively, providing your users with a great experience.

gui-challenges - centralized projects from the YouTube show GUI Challenges

  •    HTML

I build interfaces my way, then challenge you to do it your way. With our creative minds combined, we'll find multiple ways to solve these interfaces and expand the diversity of our skills.

webpack-starter - ✨ A lightweight foundation for your next webpack based frontend project.

  •    Javascript

A lightweight foundation for your next webpack based frontend project. When you run npm run build we use the mini-css-extract-plugin to move the css to a separate file and included in the head of your index.html, so that the styles are applied before any javascript gets loaded. We disabled this function for the dev version, because the loader doesn't support hot module replacement.

nodejs-gtmetrix - Node.js module for the GTmetrix API to run and access tests

  •    Javascript

Node.js module for the GTmetrix API to run and access tests. You need an account at GTmetrix to get an API key. The API key can be found here when you are logged in.

bam - A web server for developers

  •    Go

BAM! is a web-server for developers. Heavily inspired by pow, BAM! goes further by supporting not only ruby/rack applications, but any Procfile-based application. Also, BAM! is planned to support both Linux and Mac OS X.

web-dev-blog - Мой блог на русском


Этот блог, является моей небольшой базой знаний, где я постараюсь собрать в одном месте интересующие меня материалы по современным Web-технологиям. Надеюсь, что Вам это тоже будет интересно... GitHub очень удобный сервис для ведения коллективных болгов по разработке. Он использует разметку Markdown, по моему мнению, это самое удобное средство разметки текста для написания технических статей по программированию (и не только). Вот небольшая шпоргалка по использованию возможностей Markdown.


  •    PHP

Here you can find code related to Bitnami's tutorials. Each tutorial is identified by a keyword in order to avoid using long directory names.

web-development-articles - Monthly Series - Top 10 Web Development Articles


Click "Watch" to get an email notification once a month for Top 10 Web Development articles. Update will be made on major releases. Mybridge AI ranks articles by the number of shares, minutes read, and by its own machine learning algorithm.

minimal-syntax - A light syntax theme for Atom: high contrast/low brightness, three primary colors, easy on the eyes

  •    CSS

I've attempted to consistently limit myself to three primary colors to style similar semantic elements across languages, while remaining easy on the eyes. Different shades and subtle color variants are used to create a visual hierarchy that's quick to read, and easy to understand.

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