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Tinode - Instant Messaging Server

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Tinode is a Instant Messaging Server. It is not XMPP/Jabber. It is not compatible with XMPP. It's meant as a replacement for XMPP. On the surface, it's a lot like open source WhatsApp or Telegram. The goal of this project is to deliver on XMPP's original vision: create a modern open platform for federated instant messaging with an emphasis on mobile communication. A secondary goal is to create a decentralized IM platform that is much harder to track and block by the governments.

cherry - A tiny webchat server in Go.

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Cherry is a webchat engine wrote in Golang. It brings the main functionalities that you need in a webchat server.With this application you are able to serve a bunch of rooms from your machine just editing a configuration file in a specific language. So if you are interested you should read the documentation to learn how to master it.

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