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TSW - Tencent Server Web

  •    Javascript

A Node.js infrastructure which is designed for improving the efficiency of locating problems, providing multiple functions for front-end developers

peerflix-server - Streaming torrent client for Node.js with web ui.

  •    Javascript

Streaming torrent client for node.js with web ui. Based on torrent-stream, inspired by peerflix.

nodeserver - NodeJS Web Server with reverse proxy functionality like Nginx

  •    Javascript

Production webserver for Node.js applications, php websites, statics websites, etc. Nodeserver is a production webserver Node.js applications. It allows you to keep applications alive forever, to reload them, start webistes on php or html, reverse proxy.

electron-serve - Static file serving for Electron apps

  •    Javascript

Normally you would just use win.loadURL('file://…'), but that doesn't work when you're making a single-page web app, which most Electron apps are today, as history.pushState()'ed URLs don't exist on disk. It serves files if they exist, and falls back to index.html if not, which means you can use router modules like react-router, vue-router, etc.The directory to serve, relative to the app root directory.

bs-express - Express bindings in Reason

  •    OCaml

Express bindings for BuckleScript in Reason. Right now the library is somewhat underdocumented, so please view the interface file Express.rei or the example folder to see library usage.

fastic - 🚀 Fast & Lightweight CLI HTTP server

  •    Javascript

Fast & Lightweight HTTP server, that just works. Accessible through CLI. Custom port of choice, defaults to 5050.

opencv-express - Template for using opencv-3.4.1 + opencv-contrib with express.js and docker

  •    Javascript

This is an example of how to use opencv4nodejs in your web apps with express.js or any other serverside node.js framework. A minimalistic docker image is provided with opencv-3.4.1 and opencv_contrib-3.4.1 + node.js environment set up (opencv4nodejs globally installed). If you want to build your own docker image or use a different OpenCV version, you can pull one of the OpenCV 3.x base images: https://hub.docker.com/u/justadudewhohacks/.

condor-framework - Framework for building GRPC services in Node JS. Include middleware, and more.

  •    Javascript

Minimalist, fast framework for building GRPC services in Node JS. It's like express for GRPC. Condor is working, but it's in ALPHA stage. We're using it to build a large system that will be in production soon. Unmaintained We stopped using GRPC (probably we'll take a look again in the future, when its whole ecosystem gets more mature).

flowa - 🔥Service level control flow for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Check the suggested way to use Flowa with Express.js. Each flow is a set of tasks. It starts by a compound task which is basically a task that groups a set of single or other compound tasks. Single tasks are either async or sync functions that are executed and called by passing an object called context to allow sharing data between tasks and an optional callback function for async tasks that use callbacks instead of promises. Each compound task's sub tasks are executed by a runner that can be a serial execution (default type) or a parallel execution.