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mongodb-rest - (outdated/abandoned) REST Server for MongoDB (using node.js)

  •    Javascript

This is a REST server for MongoDB using Node, using the native node.js MongoDB driver. Using Express, it can now start in any folder and will happily server any files a public folder. Installation is now via npm: npm install mongodb-rest. After that you can just issue mongodb-rest on the command line and the server should start.

fastcgipp - A C++ FastCGI and Web development platform:

  •    C++

May 28, 2016 - Some good examples are now done and in the documentation. I've got said documentation hosted online now so check it out. May 18, 2016 - The re-write is now effectively complete. What I mean by this is that the library now builds and passes some basic benchmarking tests. I'm really hoping to get as much feedback as possible so please test away. The docs are not web hosted anywhere yet so you'll have to build them yourself as described below. Note that the only example/tutorial that works so far is the helloworld one.

bottle-cork - Authentication module for the Bottle and Flask web frameworks

  •    Python

Cork provides a simple set of methods to implement Authentication and Authorization in web applications based on Bottle.

libuhttpd - A Lightweight and fully asynchronous HTTP server library based on libubox for Embedded Linux and support Lua

  •    C

A Lightweight and fully asynchronous HTTP server library based on libubox and referenced from uhttpd for Embedded Linux. If the install command fails, you can compile it yourself.

shairport-decoder - Decodes meta information send by shairport sync, an airplay server

  •    Python

Decodes meta information send by shairport sync, an airplay server. Provides an API, or an example Webserver serving the information. This mainly is a package for use with python. See DOCUMENTATION.md.

cozy-dev - Archived - Please use https://github.com/CPatchane/create-cozy-app

  •    CoffeeScript

Cozy Dev is a tool for Cozy Web Application developers. It makes easy to start with building an application for the Cozy Cloud Platform. Cozy Dev helps you to manage a virtual machine through Vagrant.

carpoolear - The open source Vue

  •    Vue

Carpoolear es la primera aplicación argentina de Facebook que permite a los usuarios de dicha red social compartir viajes en automóvil con otros usuarios de su entorno. Es una customización ad-hoc para Argentina de la filosofía carpooling, la cual consiste en compartir nuestros viajes en auto con otras personas de forma cotidiana. El carpooling es una práctica popular en Estados Unidos y Europa, donde se realiza de manera organizada para lograr aumentar el número de viajes compartidos y que estos sean concretados con otras personas además de nuestros vecinos y amigos.