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Reactivemaps - A data aware UI components library for building realtime maps

  •    Javascript

Reactivemaps is a React based components library for building realtime maps. It is built on top of the appbase.io realtime DB service and ships with 20+ components for Lists, Dropdowns, Numeric Range, Sliders, Data Search, Places Search, Distance Slider and Dropdowns, Calendars, Feeds and Maps.

brother_ql_web - A Python-based web service to print labels on Brother QL label printers.

  •    Python

This is a web service to print labels on Brother QL label printers. You need Python 3 for this software to work.

kqueen-ui - Separated UI for https://github.com/Mirantis/kqueen

  •    Python

UI project for Mirantis KQueen, more information's in KQueen repository. Run gulp tasks to handle static files and etc.

bloomery - Web UI for Impala

  •    Javascript

Bloomery is an open source query execution tool for Impala. It uses node-impala which provides communication between Impala and Node client using the Beeswax Service. Bloomery has ability to show tables of database, columns of tables, saved queries, recent queries and so on. Bloomery communicates with node-impala using Express Rest API. Express Rest API maps URLs with node-impala’s connect and query methods. Then the actions like executeQuery, showTables, showColumns sends query with request parameters to Rest API then Express forwards that query to node-impala which handles and returns results using Thrift. Eventually, Express puts this results to response body which we present to users inside the table under results tab of ui menu.

BluBox - :blue_heart: BluBox is web application for storing movies, tv shows and handling torrents via transmission

  •    PHP

BluBox is web application for storing informations about movies, tv shows and torrents from transmission server. Built on the Laravel Framework and using AngularJS for frontend! BluBox is offering a API for managing transmissions torrents and files on a server or NAS. Application supports multiple users and accounts but there is not any user management yet so you have to change default admin password, also you can create new users.

proctor-webapp - Proctor-webapp is a web application for managing Proctor A/B test definitions.

  •    Java

Proctor-Webapp is a Java web application that uses the Proctor-Webapp-Library to manipulate and view Proctor definitions. Use git to clone https://github.com/indeedeng/proctor-webapp, and run mvn package to build.