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WebExtractor360 - Open Source Web Extractor


WebExtractor360 is a free and open source web data extractor. It uses Regular Expressions to find, extract and scrape internet data quickly and easily. It is very flexible, allowing you to extract both simple and commonly used data and complex data structures like HTML tables.

The Free IMDB


The Free IMDB, is an open source C# library that enables .NET developers to quickly and easily retrieve information for both movies and actors. With The Free IMDB, you can search for a movie by its name or by its unique IMDB identification number. Free to use and modify.

jsonscraper - JSON configurable concurrent scraper

  •    Go

JSON configurable concurrent scraper. Written in Go.For given JSON config file(s), produces JSON file(s) with results.

html-metadata - MetaData html scraper and parser for Node.js (supports Promises and callback style)

  •    Javascript

The aim of this library is to be a comprehensive source for extracting all html embedded metadata. Currently it supports Schema.org microdata using a third party library, a native BEPress, Dublin Core, Highwire Press, JSON-LD, Open Graph, Twitter, EPrints, PRISM, and COinS implementation, and some general metadata that doesn't belong to a particular standard (for instance, the content of the title tag, or meta description tags).You can also pass an options object as the first argument containing extra parameters. Some websites require the user-agent or cookies to be set in order to get the response.

node-electron-lite - this zero-dependency package will download and install the electron (v1

  •    Shell

this zero-dependency package will download and install the electron (v1.7.15) prebuilt-binary from https://github.com/electron/electron/releases, with a working web-demo

scrapers - A list of scrapers from around the web.


A list of scrapers from around the web. Find your way through with the Table of Contents. It will showcase the entire list with easy navigate to their pros and cons while also providing links to their respective websites.

awesome-web-scraper - A collection of awesome web scaper, crawler.


A collection of awesome web scaper, crawler. Please, read the Contribution Guidelines before submitting your suggestion.

cascadia - Go cascadia package command line CSS selector

  •    Go

Its output has two modes, none-block selection mode and block selection mode, depending on whether the --piece parameter is given on the command line or not. This all sounds rather complicated, but in practice it's quite simple. See the next section for details.

scrape - Depth controllable Web scraper and Sitemap Generator in Go

  •    Go

Scrape is minimalistic depth controlled web scraping project. It can be used as command-line tool or integrate it in your project. Scrape also supports sitemap generation as an output. Once the Scraping is done on given URL, the API returns the following structure.

getsy - A simple browser/client-side web scraper.

  •    TypeScript

url: The url of the website you wish to scrape. The function returns a promise that resolves to a Getsy object on success and rejects if it was unable to load the requested page.

PHPScraper - PHP Scraper - an highly opinionated web-interface for PHP

  •    PHP

An opinionated & limited way to scrape the web using PHP. The main goal is to get stuff done instead of getting distracted with xPath selectors, preparing data structures, etc. Instead, you can just "go to a website" and get an array with all details relevant to your scraping project. Under the hood, it uses Goutte and a few other packages. See composer.json.

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