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MDT Web FrontEnd


The MDT Web FrontEnd has been created as an easy to use, customizable and flexible solution to access and configure the MDT Database. It is a full feature replacement of the database option of the MDT Deployment Workbench.

firebirdwebadmin - FirebirdWebAdmin is a web frontend for the Firebird database server written in PHP

  •    PHP

Some of the features are only available if the database- and the web-server are running on the same machine. The reason is that php have to call the Firebird tools (isql, gsec, gstat, etc.) to perform certain actions. There is no documentation available yet, but if you are familiar with Firebird you will have no troubles using FirebirdWebAdmin.

AuthLogAttackMap - Tails the /var/log/auth

  •    Python

Tails the /var/log/auth.log, geolocates IPs found, and displays them on a web frontend. You'll need two terminals: one for watching the auth.log and another for serving up events to a web frontend.