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material-dashboard - Material Dashboard - Open Source Bootstrap 4 Material Design Admin

  •    CSS

Material Dashboard is a free Material Bootstrap Admin with a fresh, new design inspired by Google's Material Design. We are very excited to introduce our take on the material concepts through an easy to use and beautiful set of components. Material Dashboard was built over the popular Bootstrap framework and it comes with a couple of third-party plugins redesigned to fit in with the rest of the elements. Material Dashboard makes use of light, surface and movement. The general layout resembles sheets of paper following multiple different layers, so that the depth and order is obvious. The navigation stays mainly on the left sidebar and the content is on the right inside the main panel.

terraboard - :earth_africa: :clipboard: A web dashboard to inspect Terraform States

  •    Go

It currently only supports S3 as a remote state backend, and dynamoDB for retrieving lock informations. The overview presents all the state files in the S3 bucket, by most recent modification date.

dashboard-extension-funnel-d3-item - The FunnelD3 custom dashboard extension based on the Web Dashboard control

  •    Javascript

A custom FunnelD3 item renders a funnel chart using the D3Funnel JS library.Note that the custom export functionality implemented in the Funnel D3 item is not supported for the Internet Explorer browser due to the problem with HTML canvas drawing. If you use IE 11 or earlier versions, the export buttons will be hidden. Refer to the following Microsoft issue to learn more: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/platform/issues/1015651/.

dashboard-extension-online-map-item - The Online Map custom dashboard extension based on the Web Dashboard control

  •    TypeScript

The Online Map extension is a custom dashboard item that allows you to place callouts on Google or Bing maps using geographical coordinates.This custom item supports the Master-Filtering feature.

dashboard-extension-parameter-item - A custom Parameter dashboard item

  •    Javascript

A custom Parameter item renders dashboard parameter dialog content inside the dashboard layout and allows you to edit and submit parameter values.To add a custom Parameter item to the Web Dashboard, follow the steps below.

dashboard-extension-simple-table - A custom Simple Table dashboard item

  •    Javascript

A custom Simple Table item renders data from the measure / dimensions as an HTML table.You can use the Simple Table as a detail item along with the Master-Filtering feature.

dashboard-extension-webpage-item - The Web Page custom dashboard extension based on the Web Dashboard control

  •    TypeScript

A custom **Web Page** item allows you to display a single web page or a set of pages. You can use the Web Page as a detail item along with the [Master-Filtering](https://documentation.devexpress.com/#Dashboard/CustomDocument117060) feature.

fun_with_flags_ui - Web dashboard for the FunWithFlags Elixir package

  •    Elixir

A Web dashboard for the FunWithFlags Elixir package. FunWithFlags.UI is just a plug and it can be run in a number of ways. It's primarily meant to be embedded in a host Plug application, either Phoenix or another Plug app.

ck-wa - Collective Knowledge workflow for ARM's workload automation tool: an open framework for gathering and sharing knowledge about system design and optimization using real-world workloads

  •    Python

This Collective Knowledge repository provides high level front-end for ARM Workload Automation framework (WA). It includes unified JSON API to WA, automated experimentation, benchmarking and tuning across farms of machines (Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows), web-based dashboard, optimization knowledge sharing, etc. Please, read CK Getting Started Guide, DATE'16 paper and CPC'15 article for more details about CK and our vision of collaborative, reproducible and systematic experimentation. Relatively stable. Development is led by dividiti, the cTuning foundation and ARM.


  •    CSS

Black Dashboard is a beautiful Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard with a huge number of components built to fit together and look amazing. If you are looking for a tool to manage and visualize data about your business, this dashboard is the thing for you. It combines colors that are easy on the eye, spacious cards, beautiful typography, and graphics. Black Dashboard comes packed with all plugins that you might need inside a project and documentation on how to get started. It is light and easy to use, and also very powerful. Black Dashboard features over 16 individual components, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining. This means that there are thousands of possible combinations. All components can take variations in color, that you can easily modify using SASS files. You will save a lot of time going from prototyping to full-functional code because all elements are implemented. We thought about everything, so this dashboard comes with 2 versions, Dark Mode and Light Mode.

metasmoke - Web dashboard for SmokeDetector.

  •    Ruby

metasmoke is a web dashboard for SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam on the Stack Exchange network. If you're looking to develop using the metasmoke API, there's documentation available in the wiki. You'll need an API key to access any of the routes; ping a metasmoke admin in Charcoal HQ.