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SiteUnity Framework


SiteUnity Framework makes it easier to build website. The target of framework, write less and simple code to build complex website. For that purpose there are some modules for viewing and managing page. It's develop in Asp.NET using C#, Mssql and Jquery.

SharePoint Powershell Automated Deployment


The AutoSPDeploy for SharePoint 2010 will create web applications, managed paths, site collections and sites. It will also deploy solutions and activate or deactivate out of the box and custom features. It is designed so that it can be run again within the same farm.

WarmUpService for WebApps

  •    CSharp

Those who have been programming for the Web must be familiar with sluggish response for the first ever hit to the server. This also happens whenever the IIS/AppPool gets restarted/recycled. The WarmUpService keeps your web targets warmed-up by hitting them periodically.

Hardanger - Web Application Penetration Testing Platform


Hardanger is an open source web application penetration testing platform for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

SharePoint BlobCache Manager


Manage your web application's blobcache settings directly in the central administration.

Second WAF - Heavy Load .NET Web Application Framwork


Second WAF is a content generation framework for web servers with a high page rendering throughput.

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