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Android-Iconics - Android-Iconics - Use any icon font, or vector (

  •    Java

If you are an app developer you will know the problem. You start an app but require many different icons, in different sizes (ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi), different colors, and different variants. If you get the icons as vector (.svg) or there are many changes over the time, you will always have to get the correct drawables again. Now there's an easy, fast, and small solution for this! The Android-Iconics library.

awesome-stock-resources - :city_sunrise: A collection of links for free stock photography, video and Illustration websites


A curated list of awesome stock photography, video and illustration websites. I try my best to maintain this repository and keep it up-to-date but if you spot a broken link or a resource which isn't listed, please, feel free to make a pull request.

SwiftIcons - 🎢Swift Library for Font Icons - ★ this library

  •    Swift

Please ★ this library. Now, you don't have to download different libraries to include different font icons. This SwiftIcons library helps you use icons from any of the following font icons.

weather-underground-icons - Weather Underground Icons ( PNG & SVG )

  •    HTML

These icons were created by the Graphic Designer Ashley Jager. She released these icons in a beautiful Adobe Illustrator file. This project simply breaks that AI file up into web friendly icons that can be used in your projects. Here is an Example Application that uses these icons. You can access the Github Repo for source code.

react-weathericons - React component for WeatherIcons icons

  •    Javascript

You need to add your own version of Weather Icons CSS. This module was inspired on react-fontawesome module, but using WeatherIcons icons.

WeatherIconView - Weather Icon View for Android applications

  •    Java

Android library providing custom view for displaying weather icon. Weather Icon View is based on Weather Icons project by Erik Flowers.

DSEG - 7-segment and 14-segment font

  •    CSS

Colon and Space have same width. Period has zero width.

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