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wave - Wave - The Software as a Service Starter Kit, designed to help you build the SAAS of your dreams 🚀 💰

  •    PHP

View a live demo here, or deploy your own instance to DigitalOcean, by clicking the button below. During the installation we need to use a MySQL database. You will need to create a new database and save the credentials for the next step.

RecordWave - MP3音频录制,支持类似IOS原生的单边或者双边波形显示,低版本音频权限兼容,本地或者在线音频播放的波形显示,录制波形和播放波形会根据声音频率变色的功能,边播边缓存功能,简书入口http://www

  •    Java


WXWaveView - Add smooth water waves to your views.

  •    Objective-C

e.g. Of course, you can just give CGRectZero to the method above and use Auto Layout to define its frame.

Kazoo : Yahoo Voice Chat Add On For Yahoo Chat

  •    CSharp

Voice chat plug in rewritten in .net and improved



.NET client and services for Google Wave Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/wave_net FAQ How to join this project Simply log on to Google Wave and type "wave.net open source project with:public" in search and add yourself to the wave.

ROMPlayer - AudioKit Sample Player (ROM Player) - EXS24, Sound Font, Wave Player

  •    Swift

Welcome to the official AudioKit example of a sample-based music instrument written in Swift. It can be modified to play EXS24, Wave, or Sound Fonts. This code is lightweight and demonstrates how you can make a beautiful sounding, pro-level instrument with small amount of code. If you're new to AudioKit, you can learn more and view getting started links: here.

wave - Widget for displaying waves with custom color, duration, floating and blur effects.

  •    Dart

Widget for displaying waves with custom color, duration, floating and blur effects.

audiobuffer-to-wav - convert an AudioBuffer to .wav format

  •    Javascript

Encodes the contents of an AudioBuffer from the WebAudio API as WAVE. Supports 16-bit PCM and 32-bit float data.The code for this has been adapted from the export feature of Recorder.js.

amplitude-viewer - render amplitudes like an oscilloscope in the browser given arrays of data

  •    Javascript

Create a new viewer.Append the ascope element to target, a query selector string or container element.

wavefile - A Ruby gem for reading and writing the Wave file sound format (*.wav)

  •    Ruby

A Ruby gem for reading and writing sound files in Wave format (*.wav). You can use this gem to create Ruby programs that work with audio, such as a command-line drum machine. Since it is written in pure Ruby (as opposed to wrapping an existing C library), you can use it without having to compile a separate extension.

audio-recorder-polyfill - MediaRecorder polyfill to record audio in Edge and Safari

  •    Javascript

MediaRecorder polyfill to record audio in Edge and Safari 11. Try it in online demo. We recommend creating separated webpack bundle with polyfill. In this case, polyfill will be downloaded only by Edge and Safari. Good browsers will download less.

wave-node - An implementation of the Google Wave Gadget API using Node and websockets

  •    Javascript

This is an implementation of the Google Wave Gadget API using Node.js, Socket.io, and Redis. It uses diff-match-patch to synchronize states across multiple instances: clients send patches to the server, which then propagates the patches to other clients which apply the patches to their local state model. So no matter how big the state model becomes, each update event is quite small.

ndarray-wav - Read WAV files into ndarray

  •    Javascript

Read/write RIFF WAVE files as ndarrays. Adding new (uncompressed) sample formats is relatively easy, though, so if you need one just raise an issue on GitHub and I'll put in.

phys.js - Advanced Physics Library designed for Javascript and Node.JS

  •    Javascript

The APIs will allow you to understand the usage of each function, while also being able to access each constant and each function defined in the library, and apply them in your work. Putting an "i" before any library name without parameters will allow you to see the Name, Inputs, and Equation of that particular function.

FunWave - FunWave is Swift4.+ simple fun wave open source component

  •    Swift

All source code is licensed under the MIT License.

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