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AndroidAudioRecorder - A fancy audio recorder lib for Android. Supports WAV format at 48kHz.

  •    Java

A fancy audio recorder for Android. It supports WAV format at 48kHz. Take a look at AndroidAudioConverter! Example of usage here.

baudio - generate audio streams with functions

  •    Javascript

Return a readable stream of raw audio data based on the function fn(t,i).fn(t,i) is given the time in seconds t and the step counter i. fn(t,i) should return an amplitude value between -1 and 1, inclusive. Values outside that range will be clipped.

Easy sound

  •    CSharp

Easy sound is a .net tool for managing audio stream in the memory. It joins existing wav streams into single one using different method.

ESP8266Audio - Arduino library to play MOD, WAV, FLAC, MIDI, RTTTL, MP3, and AAC files on I2S DACs or with a software emulated delta-sigma DAC on the ESP8266 and ESP32

  •    C

Arduino library for parsing and decoding MOD, WAV, MP3, FLAC, MIDI, AAC, and RTTL files and playing them on an I2S DAC or even using a software-simulated delta-sigma DAC with dynamic 32x-128x oversampling. ESP8266 is fully supported and most mature, but ESP32 is also mostly there with built-in DAC as well as external ones.

mini_al - Single file audio playback and capture library.

  •    C

mini_al is a single file library for audio playback and capture. It's written in C (compilable as C++) and released into the public domain. Then just compile. There's no need to install any dependencies. On Windows and macOS there's no need to link to anything. On Linux and BSD, just link to -lpthread, -lm and -ldl.

audiobuffer-to-wav - convert an AudioBuffer to .wav format

  •    Javascript

Encodes the contents of an AudioBuffer from the WebAudio API as WAVE. Supports 16-bit PCM and 32-bit float data.The code for this has been adapted from the export feature of Recorder.js.

phonograph - 🔊 Stream large audio files without the dreaded 'DOMException: play() can only be initiated by a user gesture' error

  •    TypeScript

🔊 Stream large audio files without the dreaded 'DOMException: play() can only be initiated by a user gesture' error.Read Phonograph.js: Tolerable mobile web audio for more background.

node-sox - node.js bindings for libsox

  •    C++

play, record and synthesize audio with bindings for libsox

node-wav - High performance WAV file decoder and encoder for node

  •    Java

High performance WAV decoder and encoder. The decoder is up to 750x faster than the 'wav-decoder' npm module. In addition, in contrast to 'wav-decoder' the result is returned directly instead of with a promise.

audio-recorder-polyfill - MediaRecorder polyfill to record audio in Edge and Safari

  •    Javascript

MediaRecorder polyfill to record audio in Edge and Safari 11. Try it in online demo. We recommend creating separated webpack bundle with polyfill. In this case, polyfill will be downloaded only by Edge and Safari. Good browsers will download less.

ok-file-formats - Decoders for PNG, JPEG, WAV, and a few other file formats

  •    C

C functions for reading a few different file formats. No external dependencies. The source files do not depend on one another. If all you need is to read a PNG file, just grab ok_png.h and ok_png.c.

javascript-media-recorder - WebRTC video recorder library for Javascript

  •    Javascript

The QBMediaRecorder.js is a JavaScript library providing stream object (representing a flux of audio- or video-related data) recording and extending the MediaStream Recording API. See docs - all public API. Check our sample, use a few source (video / audio).