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unity-sdk - :video_game: Unity SDK to use the IBM Watson services.

  •    CSharp

Use this SDK to build Watson-powered applications in Unity. You can get the latest SDK release by clicking here.

visual-recognition-coreml - Classify images offline using Watson Visual Recognition and Core ML

  •    Swift

Read this in other languages: 中国, 日本. Classify images with Watson Visual Recognition and Core ML. The images are classified offline using a deep neural network that is trained by Visual Recognition.

botkit-middleware - A middleware to connect Watson Conversation Service to different chat channels using Botkit

  •    Javascript

This middleware plugin for Botkit allows developers to easily integrate a Watson Assistant workspace with multiple social channels like Slack, Facebook, and Twilio. Customers can have simultaneous, independent conversations with a single workspace through different channels. Sign up for an IBM Cloud account.

natural-language-classifier-nodejs-cli - Natural Language Classifier CLI tool

  •    Javascript

This is a command line interface (CLI) for the IBM Watson™ Natural Language Classifier service. For a list of available commands, run $ node natural-language-classifier-cli.js --help.

Transcriber - NWJS os x desktop based application that given a video/audio file returns a transcription using IBM Watson Speech to text API

  •    HTML

This app was an initial prototype to test the quality of IBM STT, and is no longer activly supported I am now working on a more full fledge version at https://github.com/OpenNewsLabs/autoEdit_2 ( http://www.autoedit.io ). If you clone the repo you can start the app with npm start.

watson-calorie-counter - A mobile app that uses Watson Visual Recognition to provide nutritional analysis of captured food images

  •    Java

In this Code Pattern, we will create a calorie counter mobile app using Apache Cordova, Node.js and Watson Visual Recognition. This mobile app extracts nutritional information from captured images of food items. Currently this mobile app only runs on Android, but can be easily ported to iOS.

watson-vehicle-damage-analyzer - A server and mobile app to send pictures of vehicle damage to IBM Watson Visual Recognition for classification

  •    Javascript

In this developer code pattern, we will create a mobile app using Apache Cordova, Node.js and Watson Visual Recognition. This mobile app sends pictures of auto and motorcycle accidents and issues to be analyzed by a server app, using Watson Visual Recognition. The server application will use pictures of auto accidents and other incidents to train Watson Visual Recognition to identify various classes of issues, i.e. vandalism, broken windshield, motorcycle accident, or flat tire. A developer can leverage this to create their own custom Visual Recognition classifiers for their use cases. Currently this mobile app only runs on Android, but can be easily ported to iOS.

Avengers - 👾Demo how to use CoreML with IBM Watson, Azure Custom Vision, Turi Create

  •    Swift

Avengers is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

increase-retail-revenues-leveraging-hybrid-cloud-on-mainframes - To showcase the business challenges that a typical retail company might be experiencing, we share a case study about a fictitious retail company, and how they leverage IBM Z

  •    Javascript

To showcase the business challenges that a typical retail company might be experiencing, we share a case study about a fictitious retail company, which we refer to as Breadbox Groceries. Today, they run three data centers across the country with IT reaching into the stores and distribution centers as well. In the data centers, they host their core Business Support Systems on IBM Z. Supporting applications are hosted on IBM CICS® and IBM z/OS® Db2 systems.

nlc-icd10-classifier - A simple web app that shows how Watson's Natural Language Classifier (NLC) can classify ICD-10 code

  •    Python

Read this in other languages: 日本語. DISCLAIMER: This application is used for demonstrative and illustrative purposes only and does not constitute an offering that has gone through regulatory review. It is not intended to serve as a medical application. There is no representation as to the accuracy of the output of this application and it is presented without warranty.

predict-wildfire-intensity - Use NASA data with Watson Studio and Machine Learning to predict the intensity of wildfires

  •    Javascript

For this Code Pattern, we will use data on Wildfires from NASA to predict the intensity of Wildfires, using Watson Studio Machine Learning. NASA provides data for various things, from weather and climate to solar flares and wildfire. This data is paid for by U.S. taxpayers and is free to use. The missing component is machine learning, which can take data and train a model to predict one of the features of the data set. For this example, we'll grab wildfire data and build a model that can predict intensity of the fire base on latitude and longitude.

watson-discovery-food-reviews - Combine Watson Knowledge Studio and Watson Discovery to discover customer sentiment from product reviews

  •    Javascript

In this Code Pattern, we walk you through a working example of a web application that queries and manipulates data from the Watson Discovery Service. With the aid of a custom model built with Watson Knowledge studio, the data will have additional enrichments that will provide improved insights for user analysis. This web app contains multiple UI components that you can use as a starting point for developing your own Watson Discovery and Knowledge Studio service applications.

concierge - A Watson powered conversational bot for small businesses

  •    Javascript

A utilty that allows a small business owner to create a Watson-powered chatbot to answer questions about their business and publish it to their web page. The chatbot can answer questions about your business's contact details, directions and can even help take bookings. See a live demo here showing Concierge in action - the concierge chatbot can be found in the bottom right corner of the page.


  •    Swift

If you would like to see more services implemented please create an issue for it. We recommend using Carthage to manage dependencies and build the Swift SDK for your application.

node-red-node-watson - A collection of nodes for the IBM Watson services

  •    HTML

A collection of nodes to interact with the IBM Watson services in IBM Cloud. For simple typos and fixes please just raise an issue pointing out our mistakes. If you need to raise a pull request please read our contribution guidelines before doing so.

openwhisk-sdk - :new: SDK for using Watson Services on IBM Cloud Functions (based on Apache Openwhisk)

  •    Javascript

The Watson openwhisk-sdk contains packages for each of the Watson Services to provide a convenient way to call the Watson APIs. Bind your service credentials to the package so that the Actions have access to the service credentials. For details and specific commands for each package, see the package README.

salesforce-sdk - A Salesforce library for communicating with the IBM Watson REST APIs

  •    Apex

The IBM Watson Salesforce SDK uses the Watson API services to help you solve complex problems using Apex in your Salesforce environment. If you'd like, you can follow along with our video playlist here to start using the SDK. Otherwise, continue reading to learn how to get started. Language Translator v3 is now available. The v2 Language Translator API will no longer be available after July 31, 2018. To take advantage of the latest service enhancements, migrate to the v3 API. View the Migrating to Language Translator v3 page for more information.

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